Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The smells of summer

Seems like I am forever tackling the piles of laundry. I suppose with 5 people in a household this is a reality I am going to have to face. Even Grace, only one, can create her fair share of the load. I spend a long time stain spotting everything. So, there I sat on the laundry room floor preparing a load for the washer. One by one I take the items and evaluate where the stains are and how much shout to apply. Most stains are not very glamorous. As I picked up the next shirt -- one of Jordan's -- I took in a smell that said "Summer" plain and simple. The smell of sunshine, sunscreen, and playing hit me all at once. Soon these smells will change into the ordinary type of smells, but for one small moment I felt like summer was captured in a smell. Crazy, I know. Wasn't there a Sienfield show about the smell of the ocean? Maybe Kramer was ahead of his time. ;-)

Friday, August 26, 2005

kid thinking

Little kids just have a way of putting things that will make you laugh. Here's what made me laugh yesterday as William was washing his hands in the bathroom:

Keep in mind that William has had a stomach bug all week...
William: Is Grandmother still sick?
Me: Oh, yes I guess Grandmother still has her cold. I'm sure she's feeling better by now.
William: Gee, we're both sick. Hey Mom, it's different isn't it?
Me: What do you mean honey?
William: Well, my stuff came out of my mouth, but Grandmother's stuff comes out of her nose.

maiden voyage

So, I've decided to have a blog separate from my official family blog. I'm hoping that I can translate some of my daily thoughts and worries into this blog. Oh yes, the name of my blog? Well, it refers to the little moment in each day that makes everything alright. You know...one little kid comment can make a harried day seem like a miracle.