Monday, May 28, 2007

want a good laugh?

I love original films so when I saw this "short" which was created during the second episode of "On the Lot" I laughed so hard I cried. I just had to share it with you. Unfortunately the "On the Lot" producers have not allowed easy video sharing so I'll have to point you toward this link

Random Acts of Kindness

Let me know what you think about it. The moments in this short keep replaying in my head and making me laugh.

Friday, May 25, 2007

the last day of school

The long awaited day is finally here and everyone went off happy this morning. All backpacks were sent home yesterday and Jordan practically floated to the bus stop carrying only a thank you note to the teacher. William's prek class has celebrated all week with theme days. Today was pajama day and he wore his Batman pajamas with the matching cape. Style comes in all forms I suppose. Jordan had her pajama day on Tuesday. My theme for the week has been keeping up with who needs what for these special days.

Will and I were talking about this school year and I mentioned that he might miss Ms. Molly, his teacher. He -- feeling all content about the year -- said that there was nothing to be afraid of since he'd move on to bigger and better things in kindergarten. Once again, the child leads his parent. I was worried he'd be sad and he's already moved on in his mind. He's ready to be a kindergartener and I am truly excited for him. He's made huge leaps this year tuning into the curriculum and I cannot say enough good things about his teacher. William has a natural engineering mind, but had little interest in reading or writing before this year -- despite my efforts. (Such a different learner from his older sister.) Now it's like a switch has turned in his brain and I expect him to be ahead of the game by the time summer is over. It's like you can see the neurons growing minute by minute. That's such a cool thing to witness as a parent.

Jordan received a medal on awards day for her chorus participation. It's a really nice one from the state to commemorate their first place finish in the March competition.She also received some big news last week concerning a tryout for Murdock Broadcasting Channel. Each week the school writes and produces a television news show which is shown on Friday mornings to the whole school. Jordan will be a news anchor on this program and she is SO EXCITED. It will mean several early mornings, but I think the coolness factor outweighs the sleep loss and rightfully so. How cool that William will be sitting in his kindergarten classroom and see his big sister broadcasting over MBC!

This weekend we are looking forward to a 80th birthday party for Dave's Aunt Lois, the end of the Little League season, and maybe a visit to our local nature center. Next week is "get Jordan ready for girl scout camp and church camp". I have a lot of work to do. I have the feeling massive laundry is in the making.

Finally, I'll give romatic credits to my dear husband who insisted we have an adult date tonight. He nabbed a babysitter at church last week and made the restaurant reservation secretly. BIG points in the wife book for that! It's nice to get out together and remember why we are a couple. Those of you with children will understand the luxury of talking without interruption. I can't wait.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

weird logic

Perhaps there is no logic to this post. Maybe you will think I am crazy, but I'm going to document it anyway. Have you ever noticed odd coincidences in this world? Ever so often a set of people die within a week and the irony is almost quirky. It's almost like God is trying to tell us something by highlighting these people and their lives. I've noticed it in groups of three. This week I was reminded of my illogical observation when two newsmakers died in the same week:

First came Jerry Falwell
and then this morning the news of Yolanda King.
I just learned that Tammy Faye Baker is on her deathbed...
could she be the final one? or someone else?

What if God were trying to tell us something? Convoluted, I know. Can you think of any more that were ironic? I remember when Rosa Parks died, then Pope John Paul II, and long time invalid Terry Schiavo in 2005. Let's call it the morbid version of "Six Degrees".

By the way, no one is to mention this theory later if I have to be committed.

Monday, May 14, 2007

kindergarten screening

I finally decided to tell William about the kindergarten screening which will happen on Tuesday morning. I didn't want him to worry, but also didn't want to surprise him. I kept it kind of low key and told him about the appointment while he sat playing in the bathtub tonight.

The moment I said he was visiting Murdock he was very happy. I explained that he'd probably get to talk to a teacher and then answer a few questions.

"My REAL teacher? Who is she?"

He then started picking up all the stuff in the tub and spouted a stream of information:

"See this, it's blue. This one is yellow. This is a fish that starts with the letter F. I can count to really high. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ....50 Here I'll put these fish in a pattern on the wall -- fish, fish, starfish fish -- next would be fish and starfish. Easy peasy mac'n'cheesy."

He was grinning the whole time and I couldn't stop laughing quickly enough to stop the flow of words. Then he asked the most critical question in his mind.

"Hey Mom? Do you think they'll let me bring my robot drawings to show the teacher???"

In order to understand the importance of those drawings to William you should know that he has a whole notebook of robots and inventions he has me date and title on a regular basis - things like the "bus scooper-ooper" which saves gas while scooping up the bus and carrying kids to school with preprogramed instructions. I just hope he is as relaxed tomorrow morning. ;-)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

kindergarten and preteen years

I'm sure you've realized I've been busy. All you have to do is browse my never changing post to know that there has been lots going on in our household. The end of school is always a hectic time. There a lots of activities and forms to be crammed into just a few weeks. I'm sure it's the same in your home, too. The following information should have probably been broken into several editions, but in the interest of documenting it all I have just added a mega post.

Jordan's volleyball session is winding down. She has had an awesome coach who seems to know just when to bug her or give her some extra attention. Coach Emily played volleyball in college and is now a Methodist Minister. She's a very kind person who realizes that this young team (grades 3-5) is in the midst of building their sports confidence and self images. Jordan has tried lots of sports, but is often plagued with the issue of perfection. I often struggled with this as a child and as a result never fell in love with sports because I thought I had to be incredible at everything I did. This was all an idea in my own head (nothing my parents could have said to change it) but I regret that incredibly as an adult. Volleyball has been a good fit team sport wise for Jordan. Apparently the middle school years get very competitive with A5 level travel teams and lots of activity in the fall with the school team. We are taking this all one step at a time.

William attended his kindergarten orientation at the beginning of May. He was SO excited and thrilled. They had a lot of cute activities planned for the morning visit which included a "spy kit" and a mystery to solve as we toured the school. They had the school mascot in costume as we entered the building and were taking polaroids of each child as a keepsake to put in their spy kit. William -- who is hardly ever nervous or shy about anything -- actually stood behind me and asked the photographer if he could have just photo of Murphy the Mustang without him in it. Dave cited a long history with mascots later...when he was 17 months we were at Disney and he freaked at Pooh bear. In any case, we enjoyed the tour. William's class will be the first group to use the new kindergarten wing at the school. We've endured lots of contruction for two years, but it all seems worth it. The facilities and programs are awesome at this public school. They've even added a huge new "arts" wing and also a science lab facility. The fundraising foundation at the school (just initiated two years ago) had ensured spanish instruction for all grades with full time staff the state and county could not pay for currently. I feel blessed to have such an awesome elementary school for my kiddos.

Oh yes, I had a lovely girl turn TEN on May 4th. She has been excitedly awaiting the big day for weeks. Apparently turning two digits is a big deal in the would of elementary school. Jordan made sure to inform Dave, "You are just going to have to face it Dad - I'll be an official preteen after this birthday." as he tucked her in one night. I believe I heard a big sigh from her father after that one.

The party was a success. I had specifically limited Jordan to a number on invites. After that second grade luau in which all 29 invitees came I have been gunshy. (No one sent regrets that time and fortunately it all worked well with the party format. We adults had to rest for an entire weekend to recover though.) So this year she was given the goal of 10 invites for a spend the night party. Out of 10 we had 4 regrets. Most had soccer or gymnastics competitions the next day so we ended up with 6 for the party part (until 11 pm) and then one friend spent the night. I had worried so much about entertaining them, but it turns out that this age likes to entertain themselves. It was a monkey themed party and we set up a "banana cabana" out in the yard. They loved this idea and hung out there throughout the party. We played some games, did some crafts, ate pizza and banana splits (only Dave ate a banana on his) and ran around the yard. They loved the banana split idea, but I think most of them got so inspired to create huge masterpieces that they only ate a small portion of the end result. They were giddy over the fact that no one was regulating their creations. Here are some photos from the occassion.