Tuesday, August 28, 2007

future career aspirations

This morning Grace popped into our bedroom all bright and cheery at 5:30 am. She was bubbly and talkative as little girls often are...and in the midst of this she waxed poetic about her future career aspirations.

GRACE: "Hey, when I grow up I'm going to be a fireman."

DAVE and ANN: "You are???"

GRACE: "Yep, I'm going to be a BIG FAT FIREMAN when I grow up!"

I can't wait to tell our policeman friend about this one. He'll be taking Grace to the police station soon to show her the benefits of being a motorcycle cop.

Friday, August 24, 2007

no novel for me

About two years ago I had an idea for a book. I wrote down a few notes and then went on with living. I'm not truly a writer, but more of a graphics person and really had no discipline to carry out the random thought that had come my way. I did think about that idea occassionally and I went back to the word file and added a few brainstorming ideas, but never fleshed it out. This year my plot ideas has come to fruition as a real life news story. In my opinion the toy recalls are only the beginning of this story. Consumer goods -- ones that we all love to buy for our households and kids -- are plaqued with a quality control issue that threatens to affect all of us healthwise.

I honestly cannot look at a toy, cheap piece of jewelry, or kitchen item without wondering if I should test it for lead or other substances. I push this thought aside each day to function, but it completely sickens me to think that there could be so many sources of poison in my household. Here is a link to a podcast and corresponding news article I viewed on npr's website detailing the experience of one family trying to live without items made in China. I found it eye-opening.

Family finds it difficult

I should have written the abstract for the book. I could have been on the best seller's list by this time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

weekend fun

Last weekend was fast and furious.Dave had the rare incidence of a business trip which lasted through Saturday. He had already purchased tickets to a comedy show as a surprise date. I have to give him total credit for prearranging babysitting and then rushing from the airport ot meet me at the comedy club just in time for the show. We saw Gabriel Iglasias from last season's television show, Last Comic Standing. He was truly talented and we got to enjoy some much needed laughter.

Earlier that day I took Jordan, William, and Grace to a neighborhood birthday party. It was an awesome water-themed party featuring a huge waterslide which the kids enjoyed immensely. (Thanks McK!) It was a great idea because the kids were hardly interested in leaving the slide after the water started flowing over it. We adults just hung around and enjoyed the show. Here is Grace in a rare quiet moment at the party:

And then William in the mouth of the dragon:

Then on Sunday we attended a small group "end of summer" swim party at a church friend's home. The kids really enjoyed the pool with Dave:

Last Friday Jordan's school celebrated the end of the big remodel (adding 39,000 square feet to the facility) by releasing 800+ balloons into the air while out on the school track. Here is a shot that Jordan's teacher (Love her!) took of Jordan with some classroom friends:

I'm off for a day of learning tomorrow. I am taking a course about Adobe Flash CS3 in downtown Atlanta. I can't wait to enjoy some brain food.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A reason to smile

I've been following the story of a blogger friend in Texas who now has 4 little miracles in her life. I found Suzanne's blog through friends just before she became pregnant last year and her positive attitude and inspiring spirit have caused me to smile many days. Can you imagine being pregnant for the first time and finding out you are expecting quads??? The most amazing part is that she managed to make it to her 31st week before delivering the babies -- three boys and one girl. (That's one of the first pictures taken of them together as a set of quads. Up until now they've been in isolettes alone.) Take a look at her blog and see some of the older posts which will explain how it all happened. Tell me that you hate her -- she had just barely begun to have stretch marks at the end of her pregnancy. Honestly though, her faith took her through so many scary moments and it is always uplifting to see the hand of God in the world. Tell me what you think. Did it make you smile just a bit?

Monday, August 13, 2007

first day of school 2007

I do love the first day of school -- always have. There is so much promise in a new year. And in the first few days the flurry of startup hides the fact that our schedule will soon be filled with baseball, chorus, drama club, girl scouts, and dance classes. Well, back to the usual schedule. Those of you who are parents of school aged children will understand. Life changes dramatically once you have a child who is beholden to the school schedule. There are very few vacations you will take which do not depend on a momentary check of the school calendar...and hardly any you will take which cause absences. Here's my advice to those of you who have little ones or no children...take all the fall and early spring vacations you want NOW!

Do any of you consider the beginning of school like the beginning of a new year? I feel that moreso than New Year's Eve. Perhaps it is the side effect of being a teacher's kid when young.

William seemed to have a great day and was full of information when he arrived home. His daily folder indicated a "3" which is perfect according to the teacher's discipline scale. (The scale actually goes to 4, but she rarely gives 4s since that is for extraordinary feats. 2 and 1 would mean a difficult day. I hope to see very few of those!) Jordan loved her teacher and is excited about the cool year ahead. (Apparently she has the cool techie teacher who knows all the tricks and is an Auburn Alum.)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

meet and greet (as promised)

Today was Meet and Greet at our elementary school. William was beside himself waiting to meet his teacher this morning and was the first one to spring out of bed. We wisely left Grace with a babysitter so we could fill out more forms and meet teachers without the frenzy of a three year old's mentality. First we meet teachers and toured the newly renovated school and then we attended a little neighborhood get together of all the kindergarteners in our subdivision. We took a quick picture of the gang and I can't wait to see how they change through the years.

Here is William (holding the classroom mascot - a star bear) with his new teacher who seems an infinately patient and seasoned teacher:

Jordan with her friend Sarah:

The neighborhood gang after lemonade and cookies:

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

school bells are ringing

I didn't want to disappoint you again or receive inquiring emails so I thought it best to post an update. Summer is flying by in a hurry and we are struggling to capture the very last taste of it before school starts next week. This week has been filled with Kindergarten Orientation (for parents only) and Meet and Greet (for kids and parents). Both events boast more forms than you signed while applying for a mortgage. I've got more ahead of me tomorrow and and we deliver the last of the school supplies to the room in preparation for next week. William is beyond thrilled to be at the "big school" and Jordan promises to acknowledge him occassionally in the hallway. Since she's a big 5th grader this might be difficult on her reputation. The school posted teacher assignments on the front entry windows last Wednesday night and I'm pretty happy about both kid's situations. I think they've gotten experienced and fun teachers. William gets to be the first class to use the newly remodeled kindergarten wing. Both are looking forward to using the new art and music wing. Me? I'm just glad I won't have to deal with the chaos that construction created for two years. Our school looks awesome and the teachers look like they are walking on air.

We had family come through last week while they were moving from Maryland to Texas. Josh and Claudia looked great...especially to be in the middle of a move. Their 21 month old Theo was adorable. What a blessing to have a night with them as they moved such a long distance.

Oh yes, our television in the family room has been out of order since the middle of July. I don't think there is much hope for it to be repaired so we a mulling our options right now. It's been interesting to be in a "less television" environment during the summer -- good in many ways. Don't think the kids are too deprived -- there are three other televisions in the house. ;-) Our cable went out due to weather a few days ago and Grace actually thought that Dave had cut off the service (How does a three year old think something like that?) and so she mentioned how that was "just not right". Funny, eh?

I'd best get to bed because Meet and Greet is early in the morning. I'll try to drop a line tomorrow night to give you William's first impressions of his teacher. Ironically Jordan's teacher has a son in the same kindergarten classroom this year.