Thursday, November 02, 2006

halloween 2006

Halloween is big fun in our neighborhood. The events start at 5 pm and keep going until 9 pm. A lot of the cul-de-sacs plan block parties where the adults hang out and take turns shuttling the kids around from street to street. There is always plenty to eat and enjoy. It's a great time to reconnect with everyone. This year our neighborhood association had a policeman hired for the front of the neighborhood to encourage outsiders to park their cars in one place and walk. In the past people would follow their kids from house to house in the cars and it would be so difficult to walk around with little ones. Our neighborhood is full of kids and so the streets were just filled with people. It was nice to have the outsider cars limited so the kids could play.

My pictures are not award winning this year. All the kids wanted to do was get candy and TOT around the neighborhood. Grace was Snow White, Jordan was Hannah Montana (thanks Alia!), and William was a Pirate. William looks like he lost his best friend in this photo. In actuality he was just tolerating me so he could go to the party.

We didn't quite get to the pumpkin carving, but our porch looked seasonal with the pumpkins the kids selected.

Here is Hannah Montana hanging out with her girlfriends. I think we are past the point of cute (aka Mom influenced) outfits for Halloween.

After returning home we got the kids headed toward a decent bedtime after sorting the candy into seperate ziploc bags. Needless to say, our pantry is stocked with candy. Things were going well until Grace fell off of William's bed and nearly bit her tongue through from the fall. I was reading them a Dr. Suess story when Grace decided that she wanted to turn around to see my face. She was sitting upright on William's bed when she suddenly just got sleepy and fell backwards. The bed is only a foot off the floor, but I could tell from her cry that she was hurt. I kept looking at all the obvious spots and could not tell what was wrong. I picked her up and then she opened her mouth and blood began pouring out of it. It was horrible. I searched for the wound initially thinking a tooth had come loose, but then saw the mini-grand canyon created by her sharp little teeth on the right side of her tongue. The cut was about 3/4ths of an inch and deep enough that I thought it had completely punctured the tongue. Fortunately it didn't. Poor little girl. It took us a while to stop the wound from bleeding and then it still hurt horribly. We ended up letting her sleep in the crib for the night so that we could hear her if anything happened. I took her to the doctor on Wednesday and after a peroxide wash of the tongue (yech) she declared the tongue to be healing beautifully. The canyon had already sealed and we are only looking for signs of infection and eating a lot of applesauce. I tell her that candy will hurt her wound. Is that lying???

In other news, my Father-in law got a good report from the doctor yesterday and went back to his home after dinner last night. The kids missed him horribly this morning. Grace kept looking for him. Don is still in recovery mode, but after having the staples removed he in on to stage 2 of the recovery. He cannot drive for several more weeks and also has to be very careful. His therapist will visit him there in the home.

Tell me how everyone else's Halloween went? Even though the holiday is a lot of work, it's loads of fun to be a parent that night. Definately a top three holiday in my book.


Beth Carder said...

Ann, Tyler was a ghoul! Aything slightly scarey and he loves it. Emily was a U.G.A. cheerleader. When you are pencil thin you can wear a short short cheerleading skirt. She was adorable and never complained about being cold. We had about 40 people to our house for hot dogs, beer and munchies---the kids loved it. All neighbors and then everyone went trick or treating afterwards. The kids had a ball. James and I were exhaused afterwards, but it was worth it. Glad to hear that Uncle Don is doing better. He better rest up for all the company he is going to have over Thanksgiving.

Ann said...

Now I need to see pictures Beth...I know they were adorable. Parties are always a lot of work, but worth it. You can't beat the way neighborhood parties bring people together. We had a Saturday morning brunch after getting settled in Maryland and it seemed like EVERYONE knew us from that point forward. Your party was a sneaky way to get food down the kids before TOT.

About Thanksgiving - yikes!!! It's going to be about 27 people and it looks like the big day will be at our house. We are trying to get a family photo made too. Now do you think we are crazy?!? I'm hoping anyone within spitting distance can come down to visit though...maybe even for dessert on Thanksgiving night while everyone is still hanging out.

BethCarder said...

Uncle Don will be thrilled having everyone there. A friend just told me that she makes her turkey the day b/4 so she has less mess in the kitchen. She then warms up the stuffing and turkey and only has the side items to make. Just a F.Y.I.. It may make things easier for me.
No pictures from Halloween. We were too busy and really just forgot about it. 1st time and it is kind of sad. We alway's made them sit for pictures in the past and they weren't real thrilled with it.

We may go to Huntsville for turkey day. Mom will have Jay and Sue here. I'll pass them message along to her.

Caroline said...

Hi Ann, Loved the Hannah Montana, I will need to get you the pictures of Alia, she looked just like Jordan did almost exactly. I here ya Thanksgiving is at my house we are expecting probably about 16 people. We are also having some military personel who can't get home over. We are going to go over and get them from the army base. Don't really know how many will be coming.

Ann said...

We are probably going to get the turkeys from either a bbq place like Williamson Brothers or a place here we like called BBQ1. It may take 3 birds to feed this gang. We thought that would free up the ovens for side dishes. I always do my dressing in a pan (cornbread style dressing).

Caroline said...

Sounds good to me can we come? That actually would be nice one year for us to come down there or you guys to come here.