Thursday, March 08, 2007

friday free for all

First a quiz...who is this man and what type of pottery does he create?

Then a small victory for your average consumer. Dave got me a beautiful rose and lily arrangement for my birthday. About a day after my birthday the flowers just started to fall apart. I nicely called and asked about their policy at the florist and they promised to replace my arrangement with something comparable. Especially if I could wait until after the Valentine's Day rush. Well, today I was at a job fair near that florist so I paid them a visit. The woman remembered me instantly and I simply asked if I could have a live plant like an orchid instead of cut flowers. She got the approval from her manager and then pointed me to the sale orchids. The ones marked $129 and $149 and said that since they were on sale I could get the $129 priced one as my replacement. My mouth dropped to the floor. I was hoping for a little plant and I walked out of there with a 4 foot monster! Dave had a good chuckle when he pulled it out of the car for me. We placed it on my great grandmother's coffee table and it dwarfs the little victorian thing. The plant is literally taller than me when on that table.

Here is Jordan peeking through the orchids. She had been propped up on the chaise playing Nintendo DS games.

This deal beats any product coupon that has resulted from my previous complaining on 800 numbers!


me said...

Don't you love it when you feel like you've gotten the deal of the century? Especially when the deal is, for lack of a better term, free? I mean, I have no idea how much Dave spent on your flower arrangement, but I'm assuming he came out in the black.
Please let me know how the care for the orchid goes. I love them but my house, or maybe my thumb, is not orchid friendly.

Heather said...

I randomly found your blog by clicking on those of other people I know and low and behold, who do I see but Jerry Brown from my hometown of Hamilton, Alabama. What a small world!!