Monday, April 23, 2007

live like you were dying

Yesterday we attended the funeral of a 41 year old man. A fellow Auburn graduate and spouse to one of my sweetest sorority sisters. A man with five children and a loving home. Intelligent, Honest, and Kind were words used to describe him. The world was a better place because of him.

Diagnosed in April of 2002 with a brain tumor he had almost made that magical five year milestone when the cancer returned in February. Laura C. and Roger spent two months up in Boston having the surgery and beginning the recovery then moved him back to Emory hospital here for further rehabilitation. It was a scenario they had faced before and they knew what was ahead. In the end the cancer had a mind of its own and simply overtook Roger's body quickly. Within a matter of two weeks the prognosis had changed dramatically and Roger was home with his family for the last time.

Amazingly my friend was able to participate in the memorial by reading some words she had prepared. Some of those words were also Roger's words he left behind. They were so elegantly written by someone who knew the true meaning of living. He had no regrets along the path and considered the cancer diagnosis a hidden blessing. It caused him to stop and take stock of his life and realign his priorities. Instead of thinking about the negative things cancer did to him he considered it a "most effective tool" to get his life in order.

I am still amazed by how life can change in a heartbeat. I've had it happen in my own life and I'm quite sure that Roger had no idea what was ahead of him as he celebrated Christmas this year. If you will, I'd appreciate a prayer for my friend Laura C. and her family. Please pray for her strength and ability to parent these children in the days ahead. I'm quite sure she would appreciate it.

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