Wednesday, September 26, 2007

blogger black hole

I can only apologize for my lapse in posting by using these words: real life is busy. Really busy. I suspect we are only gearing up for the crazy busy season soon. Here are a few things I've been doing:

Dave and I ate lunch with William on his birthday at school an delivered his requested bear cupcakes to the class during lunch.

I took Grace for her first official dental appointment last week. She did great during all the difficult parts of cleaning, flossing, etc. and then suddenly became shy and unable to look at the dentist after he came into the room Funny thing is that our dentist lives in our neighborhood and he's talked to her before. Ah kids! Every since them she keeps saying that she'd like to be a tooth doctor one day.

Then the official birthday party took place a week after William's birthday in our backyard. The kids managed to ignore the weeds and spent their whole time going down this slide. I think there were officially 25 kids there with parents in tow...they kept moving and running and it was hard to get an accurate count. The entertainment was easy at this party!

The party was a "Star Wars Splash" theme and we made light sabers from pool noodles and duct tape. I'm sure the parents are still thanking me for that addition to their toy box. ;-) Did you know that pool noodles are put away before the end of August? I finally found some in the back of a Walgreens storage area.

And here are some cousin photos from that weekend. My sister and parents came over to celebrate and the kids had a great time together. The first one is of Grace and Alana who are only five weeks apart agewise. My Mom bought them matching pajamas and they sat on the stairs talking about how they were each other's best friends.

Baby Lydia is a doll, but is constantly in toddler running mode unless my sister is holding her. She's got the cutest little face.

And we lined the cousins up for a quick snapshot on Sunday afternoon before my sister drove home with everyone. Lydia kept running out of the photo so Aunt Julie got to join into the mix.

There's more to tell, but I had better leave that for my next post. I promise to get back on track!

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Claudia said...

Thanks for all the party pictures! You guys are totally my parenting heroes! That water slide looks like an awesome adventure, and I am impressed with the pool noodle light saber idea - pure genious! The cousins look great together!