Sunday, April 13, 2008

spring break 2008

Our week at Hilton Head was peaceful and relaxing...well, at least as relaxing as it can be with three kids. ;-) We had a couple stormy weather days, but enjoyed plenty of sunny days at the shore. This was a trip filled with sand digging and looking through tidepools. As I watched the occasional teenager go down the beach (Hilton Head is really a quieter family beach.) I realized that the days spent looking at crabs and sand dollars will eventually change. Dave and I swam more in the heated pool than the ocean (see Dave in the sweatshirt in that photo with Grace below?), but the kids did not seem to mind the water temperature.

Grace on our beach walk the first morning. A huge thunderstorm came in not long after this photo. The kite surfers were out in force on the beach.

On our way into church on Sunday. It must be a miracle...all three in one photo! Yes, that is the infamous orange dress Grace was supposed to wear at Easter.

Grace spent most of the afternoon hauling water for her sand projects...or helping Jordan and William with their projects. She seemed to enjoy the chore so I left the questionable tasking alone!

My two littles splashing in the tide pools.

William headed for the surf at full speed. I feel fortunate to have caught the look on his face at that moment.

Dave helping Grace jump the waves.

Jordan with the boogie board. I can't believe she will be finishing 5th grade soon. Next spring break will find me with a middle schooler.

The boogie board in action.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Great to see the orange dress in full fashion.

Claudia said...

Awesome action shots! It looks like you guys had a great time, even with a thunderstorm! J, W, and G all look so grown up, I can't believe how quickly time passes.

Caroline said...

I wish we had spring break at the same time, we would love to join you. You should come up here and see us.

Ann said...

bike girl - Tell your father thanks for spending some brainpower on a little kid's dress. ;-) Are you going to movie night this Friday?

claudia - Did you notice how tall W is next to J? That's going to be a source of contention soon. ;-) You should cherish those crazy days you are experiencing right now. When you have little ones people keep saying, "Oh my, you have your hands full." in the stores and you think, "You don't know the half of it." But really they do change so so quickly. It's hard to describe how some days can seem like a year and then an actual year flies by in a flash.

caroline - We would love to meet you for spring break one year. We can't wait to see you at the reunion in June (Where are you staying, dates, etc? Will you come through Atlanta? Email me!) Chicago might be on our radar within the next year or so. I think it would be a great trip with the kids...and I want to see all the Frank Lloyd Wright stuff.

Caroline said...

I will email you our plans for the reunion. You will love Chicago, there is so much to do here. I would recommend summer.