Wednesday, July 23, 2008

update on the books

We found out a week or so ago that all the books Jordan's birthday donations bought for the kids at Ciudad de Angeles in Cozumel, Mexico made it. Thanks so much to all the mission workers who managed to cart three boxes of books down in their suitcases. Thanks to Scholastic's and another local publisher we purchased over 175 books at a hugely discounted price to send. The books covered all age ranges and will hopefully be an encouragement to all the adorable kids being cared for by the home.

We are still hoping to have a photo of the kids actually using the books soon. Jordan was thrilled when she heard that it had all made it to the children's home. It's nice to see that an idea of an eleven year old can make a difference in someone's world. When we left Scholastic with the majority of the books, Jordan just closed her eyes and leaned back in the seat. I asked what was wrong and she said,

"Absolutely nothing. I can't wait to do this again next year."


Claudia said...

Have I mentioned what an incredible girl Jordan is? I am sure I have, but just in case: that girl is amazing. She is spectacular - beautiful, smart, and with a heart of gold.

Ann said...

Remind me of that often during these middle school years. Ch-ch-ch-changes ahead. ;-0