Tuesday, August 12, 2008

first day of school 2008

Monday was the first day of school here in our county. Three kids in three different schools with three different departure times... mornings are b-u-s-y at our house. All three were full of things to say -- all good -- when they arrived at home. I had a difficult time getting a picture of all three since William had to be at the bus stop at 7:20; Grace at PreK (K4) at 7:55 by car; and Jordan's bus stop was at 8:51. You can be sure that the middle schooler did not want to be bothered to wake up early for a group photo. To her credit she has been extremely organized since starting the new schedule and we are praying this lasts. Here are the photos:

The confident first grader:

At the bus stop with his friend Robert. Notice William's hand splint? That's the 4 stitches I haven't blogged about yet.

The excited PreK student going to school from 8-2:30:

Showing off her backpack and tennis shoes:

The middle schooler:

At the bus stop with neighborhood girls...Jordan's parents were the only ones to hang out at the bus stop and take pictures. How embarrassing!


Claudia said...

What a milestone - sending your whole crew off to school! Congrats on three happy, healthy students, they all look great! And, whew, you made it through another summer!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Three different schools..that will keep you hopping! I can't believe how much they've grown and that your baby is off to pre-K and Jordan's in middle school! We still have another week+ here in Texas and Andrew starts Kindergarten this year, with Dylan in 1st grade...the same school...a nice change after 3 schools last year. Have a fantastic year!

Anonymous said...

I totally LOVE that you were at the bus stop taking pictures of your daughter! Middle schoolers are soooooooooooo cool! HA!! I tried to but he would only stop in drive way for a picture. Then he ran like the wind to make sure I wouldn't follow. :) Of course it was at 6:20 a.m....he might have been happier after 8. I doubt it but it's worth a thought.