Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a little excitement

Dave has been gone this week on business. He left Sunday for a long plane ride to Korea for a business conference. We miss him when he travels, but usually make it ok. I felt happy to make it through Monday's hurdles into Tuesday. Lately my afternoons have been stinking crazy with all the pick ups and drop offs for practices and appointments. Yesterday I had to take Jordan to the dentist to have a gap filled which occurred as a permanent tooth grew. (No cavity, just preventative care.) I also had a Boy Scout Den meeting last night with William. I picked up our babysitter at the high school yesterday afternoon before it all began so I could take the appropriate child to each event without too much fuss.

Megan did a great job keeping the household running while I ran around. After I returned from the busy night with William I then put Grace and Megan in the car and we headed off to take Megan home. Jordan stayed at the house to continue working on homework. (She's getting old enough to stay by herself from time to time. I've been using little moments like this to help her get used to the responsibility.) When I got back a few minutes later I had a total scare. I rounded the corner onto Arabian Court to find two firetrucks and one ambulance. They were completely blocking the street and I jumped out of the van trying to make sure that Jordan was alright. My heart was in my stomach as I tried to figure out where were the emergency personal were. I was panicked!

I finally realized that they were at my neighbor's house across the street. She's nine months pregnant so it finally clicked when I saw them rolling Andrea out on a stretcher. Let me just pause to say that my friend Andrea is a marathon runner. She's one of the most fit people I know. She tolerated this second pregnancy beautifully and I happen to know that she was on the elliptical machine daily right up to the end. (Isn't that amazing? I was barely able to walk with my baby loads!)

Andrea is looking all calm and bright eyed. Turns out that her water broke. Tim was working late downtown and her mother was there at the house helping her with McKenzie. They called our neighbor Marla once the water broke so she could take Andrea to Northside. Marla was over at the Mages house in two minutes. By that time Andrea was down on all fours and panting. Her Mom had called 911. That's when they all arrived on our street to whisk her away. Tim decided to meet them at the hospital. Marla followed behind with the suitcases. The ambulance took off at full speed with lights and sirens down Johnson Ferry. Apparently somewhere between Merchant's Walk and the River Andrea birthed the baby. YES, the baby girl was born in an ambulance! It's a good thing her Mom decided to call 911 or Marla would have been birthing the baby in her SUV. So, Tim got to meet his new baby girl in the ambulance as they arrived at Northside. Quite a unique birth story, don't you think?

Welcome to the world Camryn! We are all anxious to know you in our neighborhood.

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