Saturday, November 14, 2009

did you hear crickets?

So everytime you checked my blog you found nothing? nada? zip?
{chirp, chirp, chirp}
You rolled your eyes and thought about how lazy I was?
{chirp, chirp, chirp}
Mad because I left you hanging with big promises of our latest adventure?
{chirp, chirp, chirp}
I'm guilty!

Life just keeps rolling by and I am hanging on dearly to all of these moments. So much has happened since spring break last April. Most of you have kept up with me on Facebook. I'll admit, it's much easier to post an idea in my status there and get immediate gratification from all of you. But the sad truth is that I don't have any records of all that quick fun. There is no way to save a status history on Facebook. It occurred to me this week how sad that really was.

So, take heart, you'll be able to laugh with (or at?) me soon. I'll get my ideas in order and soon be back to posting. Am I giving up Facebook? No way, but it feels good to record some memories to keep. More mundane magic to come, less cricket chirps.


Claudia said...

Hooray for magic! Conjure something and post it. Don't feel like you have to catch up, just start now! Any pictures of the wonderful service project?

Elizabeth Lucas Wilson said...

Yay! Welcome back! I've missed you!