Friday, October 13, 2006

the wedding rehersal

Michael (our nephew) and Amanda are getting married on Saturday. Tonight we attended the rehersal activities. It is being held at a beautiful old Methodist Church about 45 minutes from our home. Here are some snapshots from tonight:

The church with late afternoon sun streaming through the stained glass windows. It's a morning wedding, but the light should be beautiful.

The wedding party practicing their placement. William and Jordan did great tonight. William was so dead serious that he made people chuckle as he went past. He was determined to get it right.

Amanda with Will and Jordan.

We went to a fishing lodge type place for the rehersal dinner and enjoyed some really great food and company. Alice had done some neat table decorations with mason jars, roses, votive candles, and dishes of Georgia Tech colored m&ms. They decided to have only the bride's cake for the wedding tomorrow so tonight's dessert was the groom's choice - white cake with raspberry filling and Georgia Tech decorations. God bless her - she had treats waiting for our kids at the dinner location. She had gotten each of them a special cup for tonight, had packets of crayola model magic, containers of crayons and pencils and specially cut circle placemats for them to color. Aunts are nice to have!

I'll post more tomorrow after the wedding. It's going to be a busy October morning in Georgia.

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