Tuesday, October 10, 2006

two happy things to enjoy

My friend Beth submitted her story to the Auburn Alumni Group about an experience she had at Yellowstone National Park. They decided to make a big commercial out of it to play during the game broadcast each week. Here's the link:

War Eagle Moment

Dave's cousin, David (I know, confusing huh?), in Utah has lived with an intense genetic illness for all of his life. Amazingly he and his wife raised eight wonderful children despite this. The family wrote to a group called Utah Home Makeover for help in building a bedroom for their daughter since hers was infested with mold. Brianne suffers from the condition also and the mold was accellerating her illness. When the Home Makeover group arrived at the home they saw a greater need since David cannot access much of the house in his wheelchair...so they decided to tear down the old house and completely rebuild a new house for the family. The family left the house last weekend and the two week event began on Monday. You can read more about the story and then click on the live webcam to see the exciting progress. Here's the link:

Smeltzer Family Makeover / Utah Home Makeover

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