Saturday, December 29, 2007

today was a good day

Today we visited the Fernbank Museum of Natural History with the kids to see the exhibit, Frogs: A chorus of color. It's the first time Grace ever remembers being there. She was a babe in arms the last time we were there for William's 3rd birthday treat. It was so awesome to see all three kids making connections and enjoying the dinosaurs and natural science exhibits. We actually decided to place membership today so we can go back for more. We also saw an IMAX movie called The Alps about a man who was trying to kill some old family ghosts by re-climbing the mountain which his father died upon.

We at an early dinner at The Varsity. An Atlanta classic overflowing with health food choices. LOL Truly, it is a regional favorite that everyone must try once. I recommend a dog sideways, ring one, and a F.O. Go to this link to translate Varsity talk. What'll ya have? You had better know before you step up to the counter because ordering is serious business.

We also made a final decision to purchase a replacement for our current dishwasher. The dishwasher which came with this house has to be the loudest builder installed appliance in the world. Last year it got recalled and we've been hobbling along trying to decide what to do about it. The recall only gave $150 to replace it, but it was obvious that the appliance was on its last leg and would need to be replaced anyway. So today we bought a really nice stainless elite model from Sears. (The replacement had to be a Kenmore to get credit.) I am oh-so-excited about the 45 decibels of sound. That means I can run the dishwasher anytime instead of at night among other things. Want to know what concerned William? He wanted to know if it was quiet enough to play Star Wars on the Wii while the dishwasher was running.

I'll catch up on the whole month of Christmas soon. Photo review coming soon.

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