Sunday, January 06, 2008

me and my mii

It's a week into the new year and we are only two days away from the start of school again. We've had a good break together...and played a lot of wii. A lot. It is so much fun. Dave and I have been sneaking around to play more while the kids are sleeping at night. Apparently we are able to get our record breaking scores after we have no distraction. The active nature of the wii gaming is so much fun. There are not many games where you can sit and relax. That's good. (Jill, you inspired that mii photo...does it look like me?)

This afternoon our house is alive with kids. For days I've been trying to reorganize the girl's room and do catch up on all the things that get pushed aside during our normal schedule. I've still got light years to go, but there is a load of clothing and other things I've sorted through which will have new homes. My motivation was to have the house in good order so that Jordan could easily have a friend over at the spur of the moment or we could host friends for a casual dinner without too much fretting. Today I finally resigned myself to the fact that the break would be over soon and my kids needed to play with their buddies here at the house -- clean or not. Funny thing is that the kids don't seem to notice either way. I'll keep trying to complete my projects, but I'm reveling in the fact that Jordan and William are enjoying their neighborhood friends today.

I've had a lot on my mind lately. I got a diagnosis from and endocrinologist right before Christmas which has sent me reeling. We are still in the middle of testing, but it seems that the blood loss which occurred during Grace's birth did permanent damage to my pituitary gland. Right now I have more questions than answers and to be honest I've been in a fog since the news. It's really a good thing to be on the path to an explanation and yet if I think too much about it I become overwhelmed. I'm drawing on my faith and friends to pull me through this one. Say a prayer to give me some mental strength right now. I feel blessed to have found a doctor with the tenacity to search down my problem. Now I need strength to deal with the answers.


Claudia said...

Hurray for clutter! Your house is always great, quit stressing! Sorry about the diagnosis, I hope that treatments are available and that you will be feeling better shortly.

Anonymous said...

You'll be in my prayers tonight, Ann.
Julie King