Tuesday, May 27, 2008

eleventh birthday sleepover

Jordan turned 11 at the beginning of May. We bravely hosted a birthday sleepover on Mother's Day weekend. Last year I limited Jordan to a certain number of invites (10) and so many had conflicts and were unable to stay for the sleepover part because of soccer tournaments, dance recitals, etc. We ended up with six girls for the party part and only one girl could sleepover. So this year we invited a large number of girls this thinking the same thing would happen...well, as luck would have it 14 girls were able to hang out with us for the birthday celebration. Needless to say, my home was abuzz with a load of talkative and energetic girls. It was a lot of fun...once of year kind of fun...but completely enjoyable to watch them becoming lively individuals.

When we planned the party Jordan decided on her own that she wanted to try and collect money to buy books for an orphanage in Cozumel, Mexico that our church supports. So we put "in lieu of gifts please bring a donation..." on the invitation. She was determined to make this happen, so much so that she convinced Dave and my parents to make matching donations to her cause once the birthday total was complete. So I determined to make her party as special as possible with miscellaneous details.

We started with pizza for the night. That's what soon to be middle school girls like so there was no need to get creative for this part of the night. Girls were milling around everywhere hanging out. We made quick necklaces after dinner with a glass circle and cording.

Then the dessert portion kept them entertained for a loooong time. Nothing like a chocolate fountain to keep preteen girls happy. I bought cupcakes instead of a big sheet cake because the girls could then have some variety and if someone came later we would be able to serve it easily. There were chocolate, vanilla, and a yummy strawberry with real strawberries in the cake batter and cream cheese icing. All made by Paula Deen's cousin who has a bakery here in Marietta. Yum! We used strawberries, marshmellows, rice crispie treats, pretzels, pizzelle cookies, vanilla wafers, and potato chips for dipping into the chocolate.

After all the chocolate overdose we played a drama mystery game and that went very well. I was busy playing the detective role in the game and did not take any photos. There were two girls who had to leave before the sleepover part and they were so attached to the game that I hated to see them leave in the middle of it, but I took that as an indication that everyone was having a good time. After the game I started the Nancy Drew Movie thinking that would help every one wind down. I was mistaken! They loved the movie, but the squeals went on at every scary moment. Needless to say, I am thankful we have a basement because after the majority of them retired to the basement I could still hear them two floors up. One set of girls came to the family room to crash because the "all night partiers" were not sleeping. Here is Jordan counting the money (over $200) on Saturday morning after everyone left:

So now we are in the midst of trying to contact Scholastic and other publishers to make the almost $700 go further. Jordan hopes to send the books with the teams going down in July for the mission work. Hopefully this will make a significant difference for the three homeplaces in which the children's home houses the kids. Jordan is very excited by the prospect of the whole thing and I'm just proud of her heart.


Caroline said...

You are such a brave and creative woman. Looks like Jordan had lots of fun.

Claudia said...

Congratulations, Jordan! I am so impressed about Jordan's choices, and the goodness that just radiates from her. Congratulations to her parents for raising a girl in today's world that is so unmaterialistic and caring. Kudos to you both!
And finally - holy cow! 14 girls! I love the pictures - particularly the smile on Jordan's face, and the picture of Dave behind a sea of girls with a look on his face that says, "what have I gotten myself into".

Ann said...

Don't feel too bad for Jordan...she got that cool ipod nano from us because we are such suckers. She didn't ask for it, but you know that would be something she would like at that age...and it is better than a cell phone at this stage. ;-)

Caroline said...

Alia is having a sleepover next year. I am scared.

Ann said...


I'd encourage some smaller (1:1) sleepovers this summer before you have the big party. It won't be so scary for you and her then. It's a good way to practice being a host...cause goodness knows those girls are high maintenance!

Caroline said...

We had a small one this year. Alia couldn't sleep so she tied everyone's feet together. We had 3 girls. She is ready for a full fledge party.