Monday, June 02, 2008

camping girl scout style

Yesterday was a big day for our family. We got Jordan off for her third year of Girl Scout sleep away camp. The camp is only 45 minutes away and yet, it feels a world away because of the wooded areas. This year Jordan packed a large portion of "the list" and seemed like a camping expert. They are not roughing it too hard. There is a nice dining hall, craft cabin, lake activities, a pool, and tent cabins which are permanent structures.

I was a little worried when we got Jordan's stuff to the tent yesterday. She had a tentmate who had never been away to camp and was having a very difficult time with the homesickness right off the bat. I felt so bad for the girl. Thinking about it on the way home I know that I am so blessed to have kids who are willing to try new experiences and border on fiercely independent. It seems like Jordan grows so much during this week. She feels capable and sure of herself. I'm hoping this is good experience for the eventual college phase.

We get to cheat a little as parents. Each day the camp uploads photos for us to get a peek at the day. I've found Jordan in a couple. The first is a group photo of her unit. Apparently they took this after they picked activities last night. And the second is from today. It looks like Jordan is in the craft cabin making lanyards or something similar. (Notice the new hip glasses she picked last week...they are black with lime green interiors. I suggested tortoise shell color and she said that would be what I would choose, but not what an 11 year old would want. Yikes!) I take heart in the fact that she is wearing different outfits and though similar color...the shorts are fresh also. Always a good sign!

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