Wednesday, October 22, 2008

we camped last weekend

Last weekend we went camping with William's Boy Scout district. (And I know I hear some of you saying, "Dave and Ann went camping?!?" out there!) On Saturday morning a surprise visit from an Army Blackhawk Helicopter was scheduled right after the flag ceremony. The kids there went crazy with excitement. The crew was most gracious and let the kids climb all over and around the aircraft. Their only warning was to not touch anything red or yellow because they either launched something or ejected something. Believe me, I watched Grace and William carefully! Here are some quick pics:


Claudia said...

Wow! A real helicopter! I can only imagine a bunch of cub scouts and a helicopter!

Congratulations on making it through a night outside - did you take the motrin before you left, or just wait until you got home? :-)

I love Jordan's hair - looks like she has some layers!

Ann said...

It was two nights outside!!! We set up in the RAIN and DARK because of traffic problems on the interstate. Luckily the rest of the weekend was pleasant. Dave's commented at the end that it went "much much better than he had anticipated." How low do you think his expectations were??? There are more photos on my facebook page. Let me know if you have any problem seeing them.

BTW - I desperately need your new phone numbers. I only have the DC area ones for some reason. Can you email them to me?

Caroline said...

Hi Ann, Sounds like alot of fun. Probably alot better than when we were kids. I remember camping with my parents and where the tent came out of the van is where it was set didn't matter if there was a rock or bumps or hills.

Ann said...

THAT is pretty funny Caroline. I can see your Dad saying that it stays where it lays. ;-) With 4 kids can you blame him?!?