Tuesday, December 30, 2008

and as december flies on by...

My Angel, Innkeeper, and Shepherd just before the play

I feel like I've been moving with the speed of a hurricane through each day. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas with family. There have been lots of family milestones to enjoy and little laughs along the way. Here is a photo from one of our busiest weekends in December... all the photos in this post are from the Children's Christmas play at our church:

Shepherds and Angels on stage

Jordan delivers her Innkeeper lines. She was only planning to help corrall the toddlers on the stage, but there was a last minute role.

Grace ring the bell after saying her lines loudly into the microphone. I apologize to the guys in the soundbooth!

And though it is days past the world's date for Christmas, I wanted to say a few things about why the Christmas story in a manger is only a small part of a much bigger plan God has for us here on earth. I absolutely love the fact that all throughout the old testament the coming of Jesus and his purpose was guided step-by-step by God though Judaic history. Somehow, though all of man's mistakes, God's eternal plan shown through. As each generation passed the moment for Jesus to be born became clear. I am hoping that this new years brings us all new opportunities to bask in the grace of God though our daily lives.

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Claudia said...

Thank you for the adorable post and the lovely sentiment. May the new year be full of God's blessings and joy for all in your family.