Monday, November 24, 2008

a birthday to remember

For months now we have been planning a surprise birthday party for my father-in-law's 80th birthday. He's a Thanksgiving baby so we held the big party last Saturday night. There were 100 guests - family, friends from church, and the volunteers he sees each week at the hospital. In order to get Don there we lied by telling him that my kids had a holiday play at church. I don't think he ever imagined that many people would be there just for him. Family travelled from Wisconsin, Arizona, Kansas, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Virginia just to be there for the night.

The night worked out so well thanks in large part to the planning that Alice, Dave, and Annetta did for the party. After a meal of barbeque - pulled pork, bbq chicken, and baby back ribs -- we then enjoyed some entertainment. Dave had the female quartet, Soundworks, come and perform. On the final song ("Ain't he sweet") the ladies called Don up to sit with them in the performance area. Then they proceeded to fight over him as they sang. It was hilarious. It was a lot of fun to celebrate 80 years of living.

I'll be posting photos and video links soon. We are in the midst of packing to go to Alabama for the holiday week...and recover from the party planning mania.

Happy Birthday Don!
Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends!


Claudia said...

So sorry we were unable to attend. Sounds like a fabulous time, not that anyone expected anything less.

Caroline said...

I know my dad was sorry he couldn't be there, to see his brother. Sounds like a good time