Friday, March 20, 2009

something we are excited about...

Dave has been a bike rider forever, but this summer he began riding it to work. Gas prices were the initial impetus and then an improved fitness level became a wonderful side effect. The more he rode, the less stress he carried inside. It has been good for the body and soul. He rode into the winter months...and despite the fact that old man winter made riding impossible on the most frigid of days....he still loves it. Spring weather has hit here and it is just perfect for riding with the wind in your face.

A month or so ago Dave committed to riding a 100 mile fundraising ride for Multiple Sclerosis in Savannah, Georgia. He is riding with one of our close friends from church and thus far training is going well. The ride lasts for two days -- 65 on the first and 35 on the second. It's an exciting goal to set. Even more important is the fact that Dave gets to raise money for a disease which has affected on of his good friends in Redmond, WA. Dave is riding in Tim's honor. Follow this link to see Dave's ride page:

MS 100 Ride in Savannah

Take a moment and look it over. If you want to contribute I'm sure Dave would be thrilled.

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