Wednesday, April 01, 2009

oprah and my best life

In January, Oprah launched the new year with a lovely week of inspiring ideas for each area of your life:

* your weight
* your health
* your spirit
* your money
* your sex life

My tivo captured the week's programming and I went to the effort to "save until I delete" so it wouldn't roll off the dvr's files. This was something important, something life changing, a wonderful way to start 2009...

Today was the first of April. I haven't had made watch those episodes. Each night I browse through the listings cleaning things up and I just can't bare to delete them yet. But still, what does that say about me? I suppose it says that my real life is causing me to delay my best life. No really, I've been doing good things with my time.

But if you see me a few months from now and I suddenly look ravishing you can assume I finally finished watching those first three episodes. If you see Dave smiling you can assume I watched the last two on the list.

1 comment:

Claudia said...

We actually laughed out loud about that last sentence (Joshua is reading over my shoulder). Here's hoping you get around to all the episodes and make everyone happy!