Monday, February 27, 2006

busy week ahead

Dave's out of town this week...and that means I am completely outnumbered in the household. It's a good thing I can pull out the "Mom's in control" hat or I'd be toast by the time my husband arrived home. Things go pretty well except for the fact that I need six hands. Somehow the basics get done and though the kids miss Dave, we have a good week.

I used to hold some wild fantasy that I could get a big project done while Dave was gone. I'd dream of painting a kid's room one week or something like that. Just plain crazytalk! I've learned to concentrate on the basics (garbage, laundry, and kid events/homework) and pray for no emergencies. I suppose I fueled this fantasy by actually accomplishing a redo of our guest bathroom while I was 5 months pregnant. I blame hormones for the insanity of painting a room with high ceilings and lots of trimwork. I had to call in Dave's father by the end of the week to help me make it to the finish line. Since that project I have concentrated on spraying shout and surviving.

Apparently a neighborhood friend of Jordan's let her borrow a Tamagotchi Connection for the night. Jordan's long since gone to bed and the silly thing keeps beeping at me. I think the little electronic creature will be dead by morning. I can't believe I stooped so low as to look up the instructions for this little thing. Even worse, I found out that the problem was that the Tamagotchi creature had pooped and that should be cleaned up immediately. Nice.

One more bit of big news. William has officially graduated from Speech Therapy. He was so excited on Thursday when his therapist presented him with a certificate. He came bursting out at the end of the session shouting, "Ms. Demetria says I am ready for school!" We'll have yearly checkups for a while, but at the moment he is right on target. I'm amazed at the difference after only 6 months of work. William has really made some changes over the past year -- most all good -- and I am so proud of him. Let's just hope PreK is ready for him!

Dave gets extra bonus points for our date this weekend. We've been trying to have a date night for weeks now and nothing seemed to work out with babysitters, traveling, etc. On Saturday night we went to a restaurant called Cafe Med, which serves great dishes like chicken marsala. Then we saw Firewall which was pretty good, Finally, we ate dessert at Aspen's Steakhouse. The best part of the whole night was getting some uninterrupted time to talk. If you have kids, you know why babysitters are worth every penny. Just a few hours can rejuvenate you for a while. It's nice to be still dating after 16 years of marriage.


Caroline said...

You are one brave women. I usually have some good control too. I am not brave enough to have electronic pets in the house. I am so happy William is done with speech therapy. That is good news. On the chicken pox front Tommy is back to school. We are hoping Alia gets them soon. I have been a little tired though. Tommy didn't sleep during this illness.

Tom and I had a date night last Saturday. We went to Chipolte, then to Kohls to do our version of What Not To Wear. We tried on clothes we would never ever think of wearing. And to our surprise some looked good. Tom tried on one outfit and he looked like a lawn. Our next date we are going to go to Jewel where Ernie works and mess up his produce. And ask dumb questions. Sounds like fun.

Ann said...

What an original date night Caroline! I laughed so hard when I ready your lawn comment. Shopping is so different without the kids along, isn't it?

I assume Jewel is a grocery store? I think Ernie will be very upset with his sister....but it's funny as heck. Here's a question: Can you get a refund on fruit that doesn't taste good even though you took a bite out of it? ;-)

Caroline said...

I would think you would be able to take it back, if the store offers some sort of guarentee. I really don't know. People take all sorts of things back. One time I was at Walmart and a lady tried to return maternity clothes. The clerk asked her why and she said she had her baby and didn't need them anymore. Luckily they wouldn't let her. That would be gross.