Tuesday, February 28, 2006

things needed to make a fast car

The following is a list that William had me write for him tonight. These are the items needed for the fast car that he plans on building soon:

1. wheels
2. buttons
3. hot wheels design stickers
4. remote control to open it
5. key to drive it
6. steering wheel
7. hot wheel and "rock on" music
8. seats
9. wood for body of car
10. "rock on" milk
11. weapons to shoot bad guys with

I'll let you know when the prototype is ready for viewing.

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Caroline said...

Ann, I tried to comment on the other post but had a problem with the word verification. You and Dave should go out and try it. It was fun. I need to send you a picture of Tom dressed like the lawn. I looked like a hoochy mama, in alot of the clothes. It was not encouraging. But we have pictures.

Jewel is a grocery store. Ernie has worked in the produce section for about 15 years now. We heard a rumor that at work he is kind, polite and thoughtful and wanted to see that, since he usually doesn't display it all the time. Our plan was to drop off the kids and go ask dumb questions about fruit and vegetables, and maybe move some around the area. It sounded like a great idea. Then we would leave before he got back to my mom's house. It is still a plan in progress.