Sunday, April 16, 2006

easter weekend

I have some rather big family sister Julie gave birth to her third child -- Lydia Annabelle -- on Wednesday. Lest you think I'm a loser aunt for not posting the news sooner let me explain that I had wanted to post a photo first. I'm dying to see her and hope my sister has emailed me a photo or two by then so I show you. I think they'll be a busy family from now on...I've had some experience in this arena. She has a son who is six and a daughter who is a month older than Grace. Because we have been sick at our house I decided to make our family trip to see the baby next week. I can hardly wait to hold her. Welcome to the world Lydia!

Today was the neighborhood egg hunt. It started by 9:00 am and was over by and furious. The kids had a great time. Here is Grace gathering her eggs:

William talking with his friend Jackson after they collected their eggs:

All three in a photo on the front porch...have I mentioned how difficult it is to get three people under the age of 9 to be still in a photo? I'll keep trying.

Did I mention how much William is talking lately? Is this just a trait of being 4 years old? He can hold a conversation with himself -- and he does.

Grace looking at the salvia which just came up in our front yard.

Jordan attended her gymnastics class today and then started in a new volleyball league this afternoon. It's an elementary league at the YMCA, mostly girls, grades up to 5th grade. I am AMAZED at the range of height and size in those girls. I have already braced myself for the growth spurt to come prepuberty, but seeing a 5th grader side by side with Jordan was quite a shock. There was literally a foot difference in some cases...and Jordan is at 85th percentile for height. (Gulp.) It was great fun to see the kids enjoy the games.

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