Monday, April 17, 2006

the influence of grandparents

Everyone complained that the Easter Bunny had not brought Peeps this year. So, today I purchased them at Walgreens for 75% off. I handed Grace a piece of one to know, my little 21 month old child. A mere baby. As soon as the confection touched her mouth she said, "Marshmellow!"

Who on this Earth would feed a baby marshmellows? Grandparents, that's who. ;-)


Caroline said...

Hi Ann,
I remember when I had my parents watch Alia. I was trying to keep her off sugar, I got back to their house and my mom told me Alia likes pudding. That was the end of only natural things for my child and after that I came to my senses.

Ann said...

I'm sure you've heard that saying --
"What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's."
I've seen it printed on a shirt with cookies and candy icons.

How old was Alia when that happened? My sister lives closer to my parents so she has more things like that happen...but it's not a bad trade off in the end. The kids love their grandparents, don't they? Even William came home from Pop-Pop's (Don) the other day saying that he "Looooved Coca-cola!" Turns out it was caffiene free. I got lucky that time. ;-)

jill b said...


don't you know that peeps ROCK?!

Caroline said...

Alia was just about 7 months old. To this day every time I buy pudding her eyes light up. Tom gave her Rootbeer at about 9 months we had gone out to eat and we thought we'd try it. Leave it to grandma's to give them things we don't want them to have.

Ann said...

Jill -

Peeps rock, but I'm glad they are out of our house now. Did I mention the link I found while looking for a peeps photo to post? Check this one out:

It's good for a few laughs. ;-)