Saturday, April 08, 2006

we're back

Hilton Head was awesome. We had a wonderful week filled with time together. No deadlines other than the dolphin trip I scheduled on Wednesday. Grace started saying, "Go beach!" a lot and we spent some fun times swimming, playing putt-putt, and catching up on reading.

William DID get into the preschool of our choice! Thankfully that is over and now we can concentrate on enjoying the school year. I started the shift at noon on Friday and then Dave did the marathon stretch while I finished packing for our trip that night. During that night he caught up on 10 episodes from the first season of "Lost". I was so jealous that I set that as my selfish goal during this vacation. I've made it through 8 episodes thus far by sneaking in time while the kids were napping or after bedtime. Perhaps not the most academic goal, but I'm happy that I understand the series more now.

William caught the croup and had a scary breathing episode on Thursday night. He's doing better now.

We have a mountain of things to catch up on. I'll try to post more details tomorrow.

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