Tuesday, July 04, 2006

happy independence week

We've been celebrating Independence Day all weekend. Dave has been off for the long weekend and we've enjoyed some family time together doing things like the pool, waterslides, and playing golf. Don't think we've forgotten the real meaning behind the holiday -- there is no amount of fun that could make me forget what it was like to be a military wife waiting for my husband to come home safely from a deployment. Nothing brought that home more than when we cut on the television tonight for a bit of news and found out that N. Korea is up to its old tricks again. That's not a good kind of deja vu. Dave dealt with this threat situation a lot when we lived in Hawaii. I can't imagine too many military people -- even those not deployed -- got to enjoy BBQ today.

I tried a new Alton Brown recipe today for ribs. They turned out very nice. Here is the link if you are interested:

Who Loves Ya Baby-Back Recipe

It takes a lot of spices to make a dry rub, but that is one way to get excellent flavor from meat. The recipe got a thumbs up from William and Jordan (my kid who is not a big meat eater) loved it. After scurrying from the kitchen we ran to the car and raced downtown to Marietta for the fireworks. We didn't get to sit in our usual spot, but we had an excellent view of the fireworks and departed from the traffic snarl much quicker. We may have found a better spot.

Jordan has been taking a golf clinic this week at a local course. Dave has taken her on Monday and Tuesday. He snapped these photos of her. Tomorrow I will be back in carpool mode. She's really enjoyed the lessons and has taken good care of her new clubs and equipment. I think a water bottle may be the most important equipment she's carried considering the heat.


Caroline said...

Sounds like you had a nice holiday and are heading to a busy July. We have taken the month of July off of all sports, to enjoy being a family and let the kids be kids, especially Alia, she is a Level 4 gymnast now and from September to May we have competition. She needed a break, even though she doesn't think so. I am enjoying the break too. Even though it has only been 1 day so far.

Ann said...

Hey Caroline,

I hope your July Sabattical goes well. I know the kids will enjoy some downtime. Alia may complain about being bored, but it will be a good break to recharge for the new school year. We have spread our camps and activities out thoughout the whole summer with some down weeks in between. I am looking forward to our vacation next week.


Caroline said...

So far going well. I try to keep just a few days for just watching tv, which are days it rains which are not many lately. But I know I will enjoy it. She is all ready bored. We were suppose to go to Pittsburgh this week, but my aunt had a heart attack and has 3 arteries blocked, that she needed to recuperate. So I have other things planned. Today they have a play date and I am free. I am going to get my hair cut then come home and put a base color on, then next week, my friend will do the highlights and low lights. It will be a nice day