Saturday, July 01, 2006

i survived vbs

Our week was filled with VBS activities. I suppose I could add "and lived to tell about it" to the title above since I am able to blog about it. This is the first year I have taught at Piedmont Road. It seems that I have either been pregnant or nursing a little one everytime VBS arrived. This year I co-taught the 2 and 3 year olds for the theme, King of Kings. It was a busy class. I normally don't like to teach the same class that my child is attending. (It always seems that my child misbehaves ten times worse when I am in the classroom trying to give the other kids attention.) Grace did end up being in this class since she is almost 2. She was the youngest in the classroom at 23 months, but she was able to hang in there for most of the fun.

We invited many people, but most had preplanned activities or vacations. The kids were disappointed to not have any friends to bring to VBS. On Tuesday William exclaimed in the car on the way to VBS, "HEY WAIT! We forgot to bring a friend today!" When I tried to explain it again he just got distraught. So distraught that he remained sad for an hour into the morning. According to his teachers (One of which was his beloved babysitter) he just sat sadly alone and didn't want to have fun at first. If you know William you know that isn't like him at all. Finally he warmed up. On Wednesday we were able to bring William's friend Jackson from the neighborhood and William ran happily into the auditorium excaliming, "I have a friend with me today! Here is my friend Jackson! Isn't he great?"

Here are some photos:

William and his friend Jackson during the auditorium gathering. Jackson is in the blue stripes to the right of William.

William got called upon to make the grouchy face for the Booster Booster song.

Grace sits in a big girl chair during class.

Jackson ate lunch and played with us after VBS. William was so excited to have his friend with him.

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