Monday, July 31, 2006

camp-o-rama baby

We survived our first day of camp-o-rama week here (August version) at the McD household. William is in a daycamp from 9:00 until 12:30 each day called "Camp Kool Kidz". It's held at our local Jewish center (ve-r-r-r-y nice facilities) and is based upon the "A Journey through Children's Literature." Today was Dr. Seuss, tomorrow is Eric Carle. The neat thing about the camp is that they make it a goal to integrate typical campers with special needs campers in an outdoor camp environment. Today's activities were based upon the book characters, but involved things like fishing, games, and swimming. They crammed a lot into a few hours. William seemed happy and tired when I picked him up. He was fresh out of the pool.

It's as if we are taking a religion tour of the neighborhood this week. Kind of funny for this simple Church of Christ girl. After dropping William off at the Jewish Community Center I then take Jordan to her music camp at St. Peter's and St. Paul's Episcopal Church nearby. It's a beautiful, almost old world European type church. The music teacher from Jordan's school is also the music director at the church. He is holding a camp this week from 11 -3 which includes lunch. I've written about him before and needless to say, Jordan is in good hands learning from his vast musical knowledge. This man knows how to make learning fun. I'm just thrilled to have these resources nearby. There are certain disadvantages to living in a busy suburb, but the learning advantages are so bountiful.

We finished some school shopping -- primarily supplies -- yesterday. I've decided to wait on most clothing purchases until we can evaluate Jordan's clothing more seriously. We are in the midst of digging out the "abyss that is her room" and hope to have a true feeling for what fits and needs updating soon. We purchased tennis shoes mid summer when she jumped to SIZE 3 shoes from a size 1 within a period of six weeks. These growth spurts are one of the main reasons I am afraid to purchase too much. It is warm in Georgia until at least mid-October and sometimes later. Shorts and basic t-shirts carry you though several weeks of school. Last year I got organized and purchased jeans and cold weather items ahead of time...but by late October she had gone through another spurt and nothing fit length or otherwise. William has grown three inches since April and the way he is eating I think he's still growing. My baby boy does not have any sign of a baby face anymore.

School starts on August 14th here for both Jordan and William. We find out who Jordan's teacher is tomorrow night when they post the class list on a wall at school at 8 pm at night. I have an parent meeting for William on the 3rd of August and then they both have "meet and greet" on the 10th. Jordan's is in the morning and William's is at night. I feel like saying we are "off to the races and let the craziness begin" is everyone else's schedule falling together?


Beth Carder said...

Ann, We have Open House Thursday night. The kid's are very excited about going back. "We" aren't looking forward to all the homework.

I'm still trying to rest up from my trip to Pittsburgh. Guess I can't take the pace anymore!

Ann said...

4th grade should be full of "interesting" homework. ;-) Jordan actually had homework over the summer -- 3 books with three projects (diorama, report, collage, or something similar). She has no problem with the reading, but I imagine she will wait until the last minute for the project part. Drives me crazy. I've given her some internal deadlines to shoot for to help...think it'll work?

Dave's had a full day back at work today. I'm sure all of you are exhausted. Were the kids glad to see you? Did you see Bill's new car? I about fell out when Dave told me the mileage. (120 for the YEAR!) We could blow that many miles in a day! I want to buy that car after Bill gets through with it.

Ann said...

BTW, Caroline...your days a numbered on this homework fun. Just wait!

Caroline said...

Hi Ann, I am well aquainted with homework Alia had plenty last year. We had 2 major projects and everyday she did about a half hour of work. This year she is suppose to have about 4-6 projects and her homework increases to an hour a day. And Tommy is entering 1st grade and will get the half hour of homework. I am looking forward to when work can be done with minimal help

beth said...

His car is beautiful! It's like a little shrine. Alice asked if she could touch it and he said, be careful. It was funny. Sorry, but it is only a car. He has 4 of them. He has a great house and has really fixed it up. Bill is great with tile work. The bath in the hallway is beautiful.

Ann said...

I really wish we could have taken the whole family up there for a visit. It just didn't work out. I'm glad that Dave was able to go.

Beth Carder said...

We were told to expect 40-50 minutes of homework for Tyler, plus 20 minutes of reading and at least 1 math sheet. I guess that's standard for 4th grade. He won't be happy.

No idea what homework will be like for 1st grade. Things seemed to have changed since Tyler was in 1st grade just 3 years ago. They sure expect a lot, but we think she is up to the challenge.