Saturday, September 30, 2006

what a week

Little did I know when I posted those pictures Tuesday that my week would take a quick turn. Dave was on travel until Friday and we certainly missed him. Wednesday was far more eventful than I had anticipated. Grace discovered how to open a child-proofed medication (dimetapp which I had thrown away due to its expiration date...and not anticipated that Grace could open) and drank approximately half a bottle. In ten years of parenting I've never had to go to the emergency room for that type of adventure. Yes, I've gone for all other kinds of accidents, bone breakages, and illnesses, but not to receive the charcoal treatment. The amount she took was right on the boarderline so the poison control center left it in my hands to make the hospital call...but when you look at such a little person and think of how things metabolize in her body it seemed the smart thing to be cautious. All is better now, but that was quite a scare. All of us -- myself, William, and Jordan -- are exhausted from that and other scheduled events of the week.

One highlight was that Dave got home earlier than normal on Friday and was able to attend Will's t-ball game. It was beautiful weather and a fun game to watch. Will did great -- he almost ran to third base after hitting the ball, but corrected himself mid-thought. It was cute to watch.

I think my nine year old has already mastered "Campaign Application 101". Jordan wants to serve on the Student Council at school and fourth grade is the first opportunity you have to do this. Here are the answers Jordan wrote BY HERSELF:

1. Why do you want to be a member of Student Council?
I think that I can make an imparct at Murdock. I am good at decisionmaking and following rules. Even though I am small I can do big things. And I can make the world a better place.

2. What are you goals for student Council for this school year?
I think that we should be able to help restablish [re-establish] the playground rules after construction and that people can help with ASP. I hope we can be helping with school activitys [activities] and events.

I'm not sure our girlie can handle one more activity at this point, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. We've been running around trying to make all the girl scout events this week. One on a school night really messed with our schedule...especially since I couldn't put Grace and Will to sleep until we hauled out to pick up Jordan at 9:15 at night. I'll have to think twice about school night events again. Today Jordan was at the Juvenile Diabetes Walk in Downtown Atlanta with her troop to hand out items to the walkers. After playing volleyball this afternoon at the YMCA she is truly exhausted.

I'll leave you with something William did tonight during his prayer. When he got to my name he said,

"and God bless Mommy who I am going to take a break and hug right now."

He then sits up in the bed and throws his arms around me in the middle of the prayer then continues on with his list of family and friends. I suppose that could be called an "in the moment" hug. Sure, the kid is workin' the bedtime card, but its a little hard to turn a sincere thing like that down.

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