Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the long and winding road

I've finally gotten organized and bought most of the groceries necessary to begin Dr. Oz's lifestyle plan. I've learned three things:

1. It takes a LONG time to read each label in detail and find the specified products. I almost fainted when I found out that the low fat mayonaise I had been using had high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients. Yikes! The biggies to avoid in the top four ingredients on a list are: saturated fat, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, simple sugar or any other form of sugar, a non-whole-grain carbohydrate such as enriched flour.

2. For the first time ever I have cooked REAL steel cut oatmeal. I'm used to the instant cooking type (you know, the cylinder made by the Quaker man) which cooks in about two minutes. It took 30 minutes to cook my breakfast this morning, but I really liked the taste and texture of the oats. One thing Oz suggests is to cook a batch ahead to make weekday mornings quicker.

3. I took my Real Age quiz on Dr. Oz's book site and found out that despite all my health concerns and lack of proportional ability (you know, overweight) that I am 38 years old healthwise. Not too bad for someone turning 40 in two weeks. A health age of 28 would be better though. Dave has not taken the test yet, but I am awaiting his results. He thinks he is so smart turning 40 in July instead of February. Ahem.


Dorable said...

Good luck Ann! I dont watch all the Oprahs but I will watch when Dr. Oz is on. I saw the one with the woman who was only 42 and her age test said she was 55. She was on his diet for 3 months and looked completely different. But she was extreme - drinking soda all day, eating southern bfasts every morning, all the fries and whatnot, etc. Most people just need to make a few adjustments and exercise.

Ann said...

I felt strange when I took that real age quiz. I was anticipating my score to come up at age 60 or so, but apparently we are doing some things right. I'm hoping these adjustments are the modifications necessary to kick my metabolism into gear. I think I've told you before how my exercise efforts are not making a huge dent in my body shape. I've gotten stronger, but not slimmer.

I'd give anything to be playing on sports teams like you do. You should count your fitness level as a true blessing Dori.

Caroline said...

Hi Ann, I would be afraid too, taking an age test. I am excited for you and know you will do great.

Dorable said...

LOL Ann. My fitness level isnt a gift, I have to work like a dawg, LOL! But am blessed to be athletic, which was inborn, I guess.

Ann said...

Well, this is a whole other post, but here is what I meant to say....
You should be thankful that you enjoy sports and the fun of competition. Somehow I lost that love at a young age because I felt the need to do everything perfectly. If I couldn't do a sport perfectly I just quit and went back to my academics. I now realize that the "perfect" didn't matter. I am just now getting to where I enjoy sports for myself.

When Jordan began soccer and then didn't enjoy it I figured out that she was doing the same thing. I'm thrilled she likes volleyball and I'm trying to encourage the heck out of just plain old fun on the field. (Whatever the sport.)