Thursday, January 11, 2007

nothing profound

Today I have nothing profound to say. Actually, I'm not sure I say profound things very often. This week has been about returning to the routine and getting the house put back together following the holidays. As usual, I'm running behind on all of it.

Dave actually injured his back severely while helping a friend put in a wood floor. He was carrying a "portable" table saw up a set of stairs and managed to twist his back. At first it brought back old memories of the pain he experienced while in Hawaii. At that point he was suffering nerve damage and the complications a ruptured disk brings. I would say that the initial pain of this new injury rivaled my memories from that time. We were both really scared. Scared he would have months of recovery like before or even surgery. After days of heat treatment, medicine, and other tools he has begun to move again.

One positive note, Grace begged to wear her big girl underwear yesterday and was successful for over 8 hours. I'm thrilled, but can take no credit. Grace has her own agenda and that also applies to potty training. I have simply made the basics available to her and she seems to have gotten the idea. I believe she's had the idea for a while, but yesterday she took to the idea completely.

Please keep my Grandfather in your thoughts and prayers this week. He has been taken from his nursing home residence to the hospital today. He is fighting a bout of pneumonia and a kidney infection. It looks like he is responding to the treatments and things are going well...but at the age of 88 he could use a few prayers.


emily said...


Sending prayers for your grandfather and also that Dave's back heals completely.


Caroline said...

Ann, we will keep you in our prayers, for Dave and your grandfather.