Monday, May 14, 2007

kindergarten screening

I finally decided to tell William about the kindergarten screening which will happen on Tuesday morning. I didn't want him to worry, but also didn't want to surprise him. I kept it kind of low key and told him about the appointment while he sat playing in the bathtub tonight.

The moment I said he was visiting Murdock he was very happy. I explained that he'd probably get to talk to a teacher and then answer a few questions.

"My REAL teacher? Who is she?"

He then started picking up all the stuff in the tub and spouted a stream of information:

"See this, it's blue. This one is yellow. This is a fish that starts with the letter F. I can count to really high. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ....50 Here I'll put these fish in a pattern on the wall -- fish, fish, starfish fish -- next would be fish and starfish. Easy peasy mac'n'cheesy."

He was grinning the whole time and I couldn't stop laughing quickly enough to stop the flow of words. Then he asked the most critical question in his mind.

"Hey Mom? Do you think they'll let me bring my robot drawings to show the teacher???"

In order to understand the importance of those drawings to William you should know that he has a whole notebook of robots and inventions he has me date and title on a regular basis - things like the "bus scooper-ooper" which saves gas while scooping up the bus and carrying kids to school with preprogramed instructions. I just hope he is as relaxed tomorrow morning. ;-)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like William will do extremely well on his screening. I'm impressed with his robot notebook. I know he and Dylan would be great friends if we still both lived in the same area. We're looking forward to kindergarten too. It feels like a big step....and we'll do it again next year with Andrew...hard to believe!

Caroline said...

how come they screen for kindergarten down there? Up here we don't have to do that. Just wondering, sounds like he is ready to go.

Ann said...

Hi Julie - I'm hoping Dylan and William get to spend some time together one day. I often think of those funny first birthday videos. William still talks about seeing Dylan in Maryland last time too. I cannot believe that Dylan and Andrew will only be one year apart in school. Lucky you!

Hi Caroline - The screening is just a little brief test to see what stage they are at with reading, using numbers, recognition, and storytelling. You show up and they whisk the kiddos to the other side of the cafeteria and "talk" to them really sweetly. William got a little nervous once we got to the school, but loosened up when he met the nice kindergarten teacher. BTW - who is coming down here for Aunt Lois' party?

Caroline said...

Oh that sounds like it would be useful here. My mom and dad are planning on coming down. I do know they are staying with Don. I am not sure when they are leaving.