Wednesday, May 16, 2007

weird logic

Perhaps there is no logic to this post. Maybe you will think I am crazy, but I'm going to document it anyway. Have you ever noticed odd coincidences in this world? Ever so often a set of people die within a week and the irony is almost quirky. It's almost like God is trying to tell us something by highlighting these people and their lives. I've noticed it in groups of three. This week I was reminded of my illogical observation when two newsmakers died in the same week:

First came Jerry Falwell
and then this morning the news of Yolanda King.
I just learned that Tammy Faye Baker is on her deathbed...
could she be the final one? or someone else?

What if God were trying to tell us something? Convoluted, I know. Can you think of any more that were ironic? I remember when Rosa Parks died, then Pope John Paul II, and long time invalid Terry Schiavo in 2005. Let's call it the morbid version of "Six Degrees".

By the way, no one is to mention this theory later if I have to be committed.


Dorable said...

I notice these types of things, too. So no, you arent losing it! I personally keep waiting for poor Billy Graham to pass on....

impromptublogger said...

No, there are sayings about death happening in threes, and also good and bad things. There is a German expression "Alle gutten Dingen sind im Dreien" or all good things happen in 3's.

I don't know why that is either but there you go..

Maufi said...

yep, "Aller guten Dinge sind Drei", stuff always comes in threes. I kind of believe in that.


Ann said...

So my little theory is not so crazy after all? LOL I'll update when the third person joins the list I mentioned.