Wednesday, July 11, 2007

chirp chirp

Dave brought home the artwork from his office walls since they were painting there. Leaned against our family room wall was a photo of the Inner Harbor and skyline of Baltimore. It was given to Dave by his coworkers when we made the move from Maryland to Georgia. It caught Grace's eye on Sunday and she started asking questions.

"Did we live here?"

"Well, we lived there before you were born. William was born there." said Dave

"Oh, I was born in Georgia, right?"

"Yes you were born in Georgia. You were just an egg inside of Mommy when we were in Baltimore." He replied

"An egg???"

"Yes, an egg inside of Mommy's body." He confirmed.

Then Grace turns and looks at me in AMAZEMENT, "You had FEATHERS!?!?"

And after we died laughing Dave replied, "Mommy has those waxed Grace."

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Maufi said...

Oh god, that's hysterical.