Saturday, July 21, 2007

happy birthday gracie pea

The saying goes that you should "never look back", but I have only gratefulness as I look over the past three years. Grace is a lively and spunky force in our family. She came into this world with all the drama of an emergency and a NICU stay, but we are incredibly fortunate in her development following all that chaos. It's hard to remember the trauma of her beginning, but wonderful to know her as a delightful little person. Here are a few photos from the early days, year one, year two, and my now three year old. Happy Birthday Grace!

Off the wires and tubes, this is my ten pound baby near the end of her NICU stay:

A month old relaxing in a beanbag by Jordan:

First time at the beach celebrating her first birthday (Tybee Island, GA):

We were on vacation at Disneyworld when Grace celebrated her second birthday:

Running out the door to her first ballet class a few days ago:

She was so thrilled during the whole class. Finally after years of watching older siblings she had her own class to enjoy. Here she is skipping along with the group:


Caroline said...

Cute as a button

cdjenkins said...

I found your blog through Suzanne's, mother-to-be of quads in Texas. I am just commenting because I have family in Marietta, GA. They are Margaret and Jim Hunter. Margaret (often goes by Pooh) is my aunt. I don't think Marietta is very large, although I know it is a suburb of the greater Atlanta area, I think. I have visited a few times...beautiful! Anyway, if you know them, small world!

Caroline said...

Hi Ann,
Any more babies coming? All your kids are so very cute