Monday, January 14, 2008


Hooray indeed. Today was the first day of contractor invasion for our basement. Remember the catastrophe which happened after Halloween? Well it's finally being repaired. We started out with one contractor who seemed like a great guy, but we had to chase him all over the place to finalize our dealings. The holiday distractions (His, not ours) seemed to be the final straw. It was during that time that we decided to contract the work out ourselves piece by piece. We are generally good at home improvement projects, but the scale and need to get this area back in working order after the initial mess caused us to realize that it would take a looooong time for us to do the project for about the same cost as the sub-contractors could do the job. In reality I think we are going to end up with a much nicer basement area for us to enjoy.
  • Drywall is being repaired.
  • Tiles are replacing some nasty carpet and should solve our kid and cat mess issues.
  • The old bathroom tiles are being replaced with the same ones in the playroom.
  • The bathroom mirror comes down so we can paint behind it and replace it with a framed mirror.
  • New cabinets and countertops are going into the bathroom and also in the new kitchenette wall we created in the playroom.

The cats are totally freaked. Dave is hearing about all of this long distance since he is on a business trip to Seattle this week. Finding work time may be a little rocky this week, but I'll be thrilled to have the majority of the yuck out of our basement. Now, does anyone have an idea of what kind of sofa material works well to ward off cat hair?


Caroline said...

Go with leather.

Ann said...

That's the only thing I can think of either...I just wish it were half the price. We've not had any usable seating down there besides beanbags and a victorian sofa and there needs to be a place to sit or no one will hang out down there.

I'll be glad to have the basement back up and running. We had a Christmas party for our "growing families" small group at church in December and our main floor was rockin' loud with the crowd. It will be nice for the kids to have a place to go and play.

Caroline said...

We don't have leather yet, I think we are waiting until the kids grow a little older and aren't so rough on the furniture, but my next set is leather. And hopefully Ethan Allen

Ann said...

We do have leather upstairs and I think it's worked well, but Dave thinks it is a disaster. We've had trouble with the sun fading it and I have to condition it occasionally. We did get ours at a good furniture maker and I think that has held up better than a cheaper brand would have.

I have EA for my kitchen table. I love it overall, but I have a few qualms about the finish's durability. I'll let you know how our test run with EA goes in about ten years after a few kids have grown up.