Saturday, January 26, 2008

creative writing 101

We had teacher conferences today. First was Jordan's and then came William's conference. Both seem to successfully march to the "beat of their own drummer" and we had mostly positive comments. In the package of papers the teacher gave us was some insight into how Jordan thinks. I found it hilarious.

The assignment was to write a persuasive letter. No instruction was give to the content, but the form had to be 100% correct no matter who you were writing to or what your cause was in the letter. Most letters contained pleas to parents to vacation at Disney or a request to the teacher for more recess time. Here is what Jordan wrote for her persuasive letter:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Mrs. James,

I need to get rid of my horrifying fleas. There are way too many of them, and I get more each day. Please help me get rid of my fleas!

Constant exposure to fleas is proven to have consequences. For one, I have seen rotting dog carcasses with fleas climbing over to eat them. I hate to say it, but fleas carry disease and are quite gross. They have been known to carry West Nile Virus to people all over the world. There might be over one million fleas on my body, and they could all be carrying disease!

My friends have turned their backs on my fleas and me. There is no way that I can survive without them. I am becoming lonely, and there is no one to play with. I wish that I could get them to come back!

The fleas have conquered me, please help! The fleas hurt badly, and I can't get up! The fleas have bitten my fur coat to shreds. I can't move, and I want to die. They are always on my case and I can't get them off my tail.

I hope to be on my way to the vet soon, and to be well and home again.

Please feel my urgency,
Sugar Cookie (a handwritten signature)
Sugar Cookie

Confused? Grossed out? The letter is from a dog to it's owner asking to go to the vet. I immediately asked what books they had been discussing in class and the teacher assured me that this was a totally out of the blue sky idea for Jordan. Can anyone guess which Jordan enjoys writing about more -- fiction/fantasy or reality??? Bueller?

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