Saturday, February 16, 2008

president's day weekend in a nutshell

This weekend I:

- Have a husband in Seattle with a case of pinkeye.
- Met a little girl who William says is his girlfriend...she is adorable and her name is Miranda. We were waiting for Mexican takeout when she came up behind us. William seems smitten.
- Watched William's basketball team play in the championship game today. They placed second. We went to Zaxby's to celebrate.
- Sent Jordan off on a girl scout badge day from 8 am until 5:30 pm.
- Made a baby gift
- Am debating about going to the shower where that baby gift belongs...if you had three kiddos to take along with you WWYD? (It's an adoption shower for someone who joyfully adopted a three year old and that is why they are encouraging people to bring children.)
- Saw Jordan practicing volleyball just because she enjoys it.
- Am tired from all the emotional and physical requirements of this week.
- Feel content about everything we did in regards to my Grandfather.
- Am looking forward to worshiping tomorrow morning.
- Will attempt to finish the laundry pile.
- Can't wait to see William begin his soccer practice on Monday afternoon.
- Can't decide about attending the yearly homeowner's meeting for our neighborhood since a babysitter is involved for my sanity.
- And finally, hope that Jordan and her friend don't stay up too late Sunday night. She is looking forward to having a little sleepover.

I'm glad it is a four day weekend!


Caroline said...

Hi Ann,
sounds busy this weekend. We are having kids over tomorrow. I go back to work on Tuesday so I am relaxing.

Claudia said...

Hi Ann! I don't understand how you fit so much into so little time! You are my parenting hero!