Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bikes, daycamps, and the fbi

First off, I must share something I found on our refrigerator yesterday:

I initially thought a secret agent had invaded our world, but then realized after quizzing everyone that it was the work of our girlie. Grace had no idea why we were all cracking up. She was just getting mad that the WordWhammer wouldn't read the word for her. ;-)

For a few weeks Dave has been taking William out on biking adventures -- things like a trip to his school parking lot or to a favorite neighbor's home -- and Grace has stayed behind. Everytime they would return Grace would be patiently waiting for Dave to take her out on a little excursion on her tricycle. And Dave would take her around a few neighborhood streets and then circle back. She never complained about William's little treat rides, but you could see the "one day that'll be me" in her eyes.

Dave decided that there was a remedy to this issue. He recently purchased a tandem bike for Grace. He took William (Now very competent in bike riding since dropping his training wheels two months ago.) and Grace on a 4 mile ride around local neighborhoods and streets yesterday. We got the tandem two weekends ago and it has been a big thrill for Grace. She rides calmly like a big girl and seems to understand the safety issues involved. And I love hearing about all the things she saw along the way. It's funny to hear what she notices.

Last night was nice. After their longest ride they returned home to change into swimsuits. Jordan and I were already at the pool hanging out in the warm water of a summer twilight. So much fun to enjoy being together with everyone. Nothing fancy, but just good basic fun.

This week has been filled with a soccer camp for William (in the blazing heat) and a drama camp for Jordan. It's made for a busy week, but a good one. The big kids are all falling asleep completely happy and exhausted this week. I took the picture below after Will had discarded his cleats and shin guards at the end of a busy morning. Jordan's camp will conclude with a reinvented version of Alice in Wonderland. The participants have tried to turn the story in a completely different way this week. I can't wait to see it on Friday.

What are your Father's Day plans?


Claudia said...

How fun! I love the secret agent! That tandem bike looks like a load of fun - I bet we will be old enough for something like that around here soon...
Why does Will have to grow up so fast? He looks like a perfect soccer player!

jill b said...

rock on, gracie! keep your mom guessing...

nice post ann; don't you love summer?