Saturday, June 07, 2008

summer weekend

So here I sit in the wilds of Alabama. My parents live on a huge piece of land which is wooded and peaceful. Well, most of the time. My parents are having their roof replaced and our trip home for a family birthday has added some excitement to their already noisy household. The roofers started very early because it is darn hot in Alabama at this time of the year. To be honest I was so tired that I didn't even hear them.

We picked up Jordan from camp yesterday. I had brought a change of clothing for Jordan, but she looked clean enough so we just threw her in the car with her misc. luggage. (a.k.a. two rubbermaid bins and a dirty clothes bag) She had a great time and even learned to windsurf on the lake this time. Lots of things to catch up on as we headed down the road to Alabama. About 30 minutes down the road Dave starts noticing a special odor. He's trying to figure out where it's coming from and then Jordan mentions that she did a trail ride on the horses that afternoon. She then says,

"We always have to muck out the stalls after a ride."

Hmmm. I believe we found the source of the special smell. Thank goodness she uses the boots from the barn's collection. I'm really glad we don't have those to recover. My poor mother's washing machine is being treated to camp clothing. Ah, campers and roofers....welcome summer!

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