Tuesday, January 12, 2010

leaving Las Vegas

On Sunday we boarded a plane back to Atlanta and left the surreal world of Vegas. I think we walked several miles each day at the conference and our tired feet were ready for a break. By the time we walked out the conference doors for the last time I heard Dave utter, "I'm done. No more cool stuff, let's go." and I completely agreed. I learned something at this gathering though...and I really shouldn't be surprised. The real business doesn't always happen on the conference floor. The real value is in meeting people of like mind. For me, the real value came from the person sitting next to me that I shared coffee conversations with during a class break. Or the people with whom we shared a technical word with on the monorail. The party we attended after the conference on Thursday. That is what becomes priceless and far more important than all the hype and new products we saw.

I'm in the midst of categorizing all the good information I gathered while there. I'll be sharing those links and some ideas in the following days.

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