Saturday, January 09, 2010

yes, we like tech, too

I'm in Las Vegas this week for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. I've been to lots of technology conferences, but never to this one. It is truly the place to be if you want to see the newest products and ideas in all areas of technology. Everyone is not only trying to predict the next great trend in consumer tech needs, they want to BE that trend.

Today we got a glimpse into the world of 3-D television. Did you know you needed 3-D tv? Just last week you were saying that, right?

"I really wish I could play only 3-D movies for my lovely children - bring on the Hannah Montana movie! I don't think our life will be complete without this - oh wait, make sure you find those special glasses or it won't work." [odds of finding those 3-D glasses in working order at my house when needed is almost non-existant]

Honestly it was a great chance to get our hands on this new technology, but I can't see myself rushing out to purchase it. I'm letting all of you know ahead of time though. You should escort your husbands to purchase any television - or he might just come home with one of these - I'm not kidding. Guys were lined up as far as I could see and they were beaming with anticipation.

I've attended two days of special sessions here at the conference. Yesterday I attended a day full of ideas based upon technology and children's play and learning. That conference was called "Kids at Play". Today I attended the "Mommy Tech" sessions. One session that caught my ears was concerning a survey which was perfomed on about how technology relates to today's mothers. Tina Sharkey, the Chairman and Global President of BabyCenter, presented the results of the survey and had some insights into how we use technology to run our families. Furthermore, we carry a lot of decision-making power in the technology choices which we make. Companies are beginning to realize this - as we go from "Geek Chic" (before children) to "Practical Hip Mom" (after, of course) we make a lot of purchases along the way based upon the stage of life we are in and what our goals become.

Remember that fact the next time you walk into a retailer to browse for a camera or other goodie. You are an educated consumer. A person on a mission to purchase the right product for your needs. A person who cares about more than just the color of the item. I think manufacturers are ready to take you seriously.


Claudia said...

Ha ha! I love my consumer buying power! And even more that companies are starting to notice that moms have brains too...not that you'd notice after all those discussions about Thomas the Train characters.

Ann said...

Hmmm, I pity the poor Best Buy salesperson who might assume that you don't have a brain just because you've got a kid on your hip. It's true that women have a great influence or direct impact on so many purchases. I like it!