Friday, March 31, 2006

mojo requested

Today around noon we start camping out for William's Georgia Pre-K position at the desired preschool. When's the registration? Saturday at 9 am! There are 10 slots left. I'm not thrilled that we have to do something so absurd, but I suppose this is the price we pay for not currently having him in preschool. I don't feel bad about it though...a year of speech therapy and occupational therapy has gotten him ready for school. I know we did the right thing, but now we have to wait in line for the coveted position. I'm still asking myself why they planned this to coincide with the beginning of spring break. I hope we make it to Hilton Head with some sanity. At least we have the chance to regain it there.

I'll try to post from the road if possible. I'm not sure about connectivity in Hilton Head.


Caroline said...

Wow I have never heard of that. That must be really not any fun. Are you spending the night for the registration? Maybe they are hoping for less people to come for registration. Our spring break is ending this week, have fun in Hilton Head

Ann said...

I just traded shifts with Dave. Caroline, Georgia has a pre-kindergarten program set aside for every child in the state through its lottery fund. (They pay for K4 and then the Hope Scholarship in College with that money.) The K4 classes are great, but since there is not enough room in the schools they are run in conjunction with existing daycares and schools for the most part. Every school has a different way of handling sign up. There are only a few slots left at the best schools once the existing daycare kids sign up. Since I spent this year carting William to therapy sessions I did not have him in school. That is the easiest way to get into the system. Since I had him at home I now have to wait for one of the slots or pay for private K4 ($700 a month here.) Since the school -- with a fully certified classroom teacher -- is FREE except for lunch money, I am willing to do something so absurd as wait for our choosen school. I was the first on the list this morning. There are 8 spots left at the school where we are waiting. Five people are already there waiting and the line is sure to grow through the night. Crazy, but possibly worth it. I hope so!

Hope you had some fun with the kids this week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ann...that is really different than what we're experiencing in Texas. The Public pre-K here is need based but preschools are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. I think I would be camping out for a spot just like you. It's funny reminds me of the standing in line we did here when a Krystal opened and they were giving away a years worth of food and I was in line with our youngest not because I really like Krystal but because I have so many college memories associated with was a blessing that we only got a free lunch for a day and not a full year. You are waiting for a much grander cause. I hope it goes well and that Hilton Head is relaxing for all of you!

Caroline said...

Wow, that is someway to get into preschool. Does Georgia have mandatory preschool? They are thinking about making Illinois that way. There are some aspects of that I agree with, but more that I don't. Here they want 3 year old preschool mandatory. I think 4 is more reasonable.