Tuesday, June 06, 2006


William is going to go to a Braves Game tonight, but he doesn't know it yet. He's missing Jordan while she is away at camp. This will be a great treat for him. He has only been to minor league ballgames before. What do you think his face will look like when Dave drives into the parking place at the stadium? :-0

Jordan's camp has an arrangement where you can view pictures from each day's events. Thus far we have see Jordan in her unit group shot (regular pose and then a silly one) and one from today where she is learning to kayak. I think they are keeping her very busy.


Caroline said...

How did William like the game. I remember Alia's first game was in Pittsburgh and she was 4 months old, it was after a McDermitt family reunion at Debbie's place. Tommy's first game was in Pittsburgh too and he was about 2 years old. Alia saw the Cubs and Tommy happened to see the Milwaukee Brewers, who we followed to Cincinati. I hope he loved it. Plus it helps with there t-ball and baseball playing at least they have an idea of what they are suppose to do.

Ann said...

William had a great time at the game and made it through the whole thing. Dave just told him they were going on errands. When they got downtown William started asking if Dave was lost. When they got up to the ticket counter William asked the lady at the counter, "Um excuse me, what kind of place is this?" and the lady said, "You are going to see a Braves Baseball game son." William's eyes got HUGE when he realized the surprise. I think he really made the connection to the game because he's been playing t-ball. He said that the big guys do the same things that they do on his t-ball team....shake hands and say "Good game." at the end.