Friday, June 30, 2006

blog post drought

Thank you to everyone who has written and called asking if I'm alright. I am. Every since my cousin, Michael, died I have been a little sad and overwhelmed. Add that to the fact that we are kid activity central and the result is no blog posting.

We went back to Russellville, Alabama to attend Michael's funeral. He has the loveliest wife and boys who are weathering the sudden shock of losing a husband and father as best they can. I cannot tell you how blown away I was by his wife's grace during this whole ordeal. Dave was asked to be a pallbearer and he considered it a great honor to be that close to Michael in the end. The cousins in our family have always been close. I always thought that was the way it worked in every family, but I've discovered that not all cousins play touch football after thanksgiving dinner. In my mind I keep going back to a time when I was maybe ten and my cousins were mostly older than me. Everyone is dressed in 1970's clothing and it is a beautiful fall day. We were pitching a football around in our backyard after a family gathering. Even though I was blessed to know my cousins I find myself wishing for more time with Michael. More time to hang out with him and his family and let our kids race around together. More time to do things that we never had time for as adults. More time to hear him laugh. I just cannot still fathom the fact that he is gone and that his wife and boys will have to carry on without him. I take great comfort in the fact that Michael's wife is a wonderful mother. I know she will do the best for her boys despite this loss. I just wish she didn't have to do it alone. 41 is too young to die. 29 is too young to be a widow. Keep them in your prayers.

Michael's passing caused me to get organized about the cardiology checkup I had pushed to the back burner. Because of my father's condition I have been instructed to be on a five year checkup schedule. The last checkup I had was ten years ago...two moves, three children, and 48 months of breastfeeding ago. I had my checkup with a the group in Atlanta to get caught up. I felt like a hyperchondriac explaining my family history and my medical history. First there is the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, then my bout with reumatic fever in college, and finally the events causing my heart to stop during the c-section. It seems like a novel by the time it's all over. Thankfully everything checked out great. I am so grateful and thankful that after all my body has been through that my heart is in great shape. My physical exercise is paying off and was actually evident in the condition of my heart. Though I haven't gotten the hard body I hoped for I am stronger and healthier due to my exercise routine. All good news.

So I'm back to blog world -- heart healthy and all. This afternoon Dave and I try a little golf escape together. We are headed off to play our first course TOGETHER AS A COUPLE. I've been taking a women's course at the PGA Superstore each week and this will be my first time on an actual course. We've got a babysitter and this will be our date. I'm looking forward to some time together having fun. We are going out for dinner afterwards...not sure what the other diners will think about our southern sweat, but I really don't care.

Next week we are headed off to Orlando for a family vacation. We are 7 days and counting at this point.

Thanks again for asking about me. ;-)


Caroline said...

I have been praying for you and hoping things come along. It is ok to be sad and overwhelmed. They will have great memories of a great father and husband. It is nice to be close to cousins. I have great memories of my cousins too.

Have a great time on vacation. We are thinking of maybe 2008 going to Orlando. Next year is our 10 year anniversary and we are hoping to head back to Jamaica for a week. This year we are staying close to home. Lots of expenses the first half of this year.

Ann said...

Thanks Caroline. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

You should consider going to Disney between Thanksgiving and Christmas next year. I think we are only going to try and weather one or two days of the parks since it will be so HOT. We near Christmas a few years ago and the weather was pleasant and the crowds were low. We are going to try a timeshare resort down there which has its own water park called River Island. Maybe that will help keep us cool. ;-)