Friday, June 01, 2007

baseball, birthdays, and nature

Memorial weekend was busy. On Saturday we finished the t-ball season with a well played game (no tournaments at this age) and a pizza party with the team at a homegrown parlor across from the field. Then a few hours later we celebrated a wonderful 80th birthday surprise with Dave's Aunt Lois. Lots of family in town for that and we enjoyed the beautiful party Beth and James hosted at their home. Aunt Lois was truly surprised and she was amazed that her sisters -- who never fly -- flew in for the occassion. Later she looked up to see the caterers arriving to treat us with dinner and I think she truly realized what a special occassion this was for everyone in the family.

On Monday we celebrated the Memorial Day holiday by getting out for a hike with the kids. We went down to Sope creek near the Chattahoochee River which has ruins of an old paper mill and explored around the ruins and the water's edge. There are huge pieces of granite which the creek water runs over and they make a beautiful relaxing sound. Dave walked all three to the middle of the stream and they dipped their toes into the water. It was a great little family adventure. When we began William was asking when he could get back to on the computer, but by the time we were through he was picking up acorns and inspecting them. With all the development going on in our area it is nice to see that some special places have been allowed to remain. Greenspace is so important for many feeding the soul after a walk.

This week I was ambitious and took advantage of some coupons I had for the plant nursery on Tuesday afternoon. (You know, save 20 bucks by spending a fortune.) After buying plants for our back deck and front yard I then proceeded to get a stomach virus which rendered me unable to sit up by Thursday. I got a few things planted but have much more to do. Dave has been a godsend. He returned from his business trip on late Wednesday night and by Thursday afternoon he was in charge of anything that had to be done. I was barely able to keep the kids safe because of my condition. I feel better today, but still not 100%. Dave volunteered to take all three kids out to finish the errands necessary to prepare Jordan for Girl Scout camp next week. I'm here trying to do a little laundry and rest. Guess I'll finish my plantings this weekend amid all the packing excitement.


Dorable said...

I hope Jordan enjoys GS camp!

Ann said...

Thanks Dori! She had so much fun last year and I was so proud of her for doing a sleep away camp as a rising fourth grader. We are doing church camp the week following this so I hope she makes it through the camp-o-rama experience of 2007 in good shape.

I haven't had a lot of time to post lately, but wanted you to know that I've enjoyed your recent blog entries. Moving is stressful, but also time to be introspective about junk. ;-)