Friday, June 22, 2007

what a blast

Today we played tourist and had a blast. I'm too tired to post photos tonight, but will soon. My cousin, Cynthia, arrived last night with two of her daughters and we have been going non-stop all day. We headed out the door at 8 am this morning to head downtown. First we visited the New World of Coke, then walked across Centenial Olympic Park to CNN Center and ate lunch quickly before taking the CNN Behind the Scenes Tour. Following that we headed to Lennox Mall and ate at California Pizza Kitchen before hitting the PGA Superstore to look at some tennis accessories (Huge golf and tennis superstore here). We finally pulled in the driveway around 10 pm.

Should I mention that my clothes washer has immense issues and Dave had a major injury Wednesday night while trying to repair it? Poor guy has a 1.5 inch deep cut in his knee area. He refused to seek ER treatment (despite gushing blood) because it was midnightish. Apparently we did alright with the wound. Although it deserved stitches, the butterfly bandages and wrappings we created did the trick. The doctor gave him a tetnus shot and a few week's instructions. Did I mention how much I dislike my maytag neptune washer? It's a high maintenance appliance. Love the front loader, but I will get a different brand next time.

What's on the plate for tomorrow? WhiteWater Park! Judging from the energy Grace had today I think I'd better head off to bed.


Caroline said...

Sounds like you guys had a load of fun. I don't think that would have tired my kids out.

I have heard many not good things about the front loading washer, all my friends who have one tell me to get a top loader instead.

Have fun at the waterpark.

Ann said...

There were problems with this model we have - a maytag neptune -- and it hasn't lasted as well as I had hoped. There are better quality front loaders on the market which are much more capable than ours. They are much gentler on your clothing than a top loader with an aggitator and I think our clothes actually felt cleaner.

The waterpark was a blast. I don't have any photos though since we were running around with only the basics to enjoy the rides.

Caroline said...

We need a new washer and garbage disposal. I am going to hold out until after vacation to lay that on Tom. I am going to shop around and see what we can find. We are at my mom's today, next week we leave for vacation and hopefully a relaxing week of ball games fun and sun. The reunion should be fun and entertaining. The kids are excited about leaving town

impromptublogger said...

Ann, your washer can't be that old yet, can it? Have you checked Consumer Reports? They usually have the best info on reliability and function, especially for high-end products like that.

We may be needing a new frig shortly. This morning I noticed a thawing in the freezer, and dh said that he turned the temp up plus it was whining. But what more can you expect from an avocado green GE frig built in 1973?

Sounds like you're having a nice time with your family.

Ann said...

Caroline - We also need a new dishwasher because ours was a recalled one in the news a month ago. We'll have to tackle that one a few paychecks down the road. Currently ours works, but I am afraid to trust it to run when I am sleeping or not around.

Emily - we got that washer just before William was born in 2001. You are correct, it is not that old, but this model (especially the early ones) has had lots of issues. I think the more electronic circuits required, the more repair calls you will have. We may have found a good washer at the Sears Outlet. I'll verify that tomorrow.